Climate Camps summer 2017

April 24, 2017

Climate Camps are the heart of the climate action movement. It are places where people gather, to teach each other, to grow networks, to prepare actions and to live the alternatives that we are striving for. Camps have workshops, music, action trainings, debates, practical building stuff, skill-shares. Here, we take matters into our own hands: from dish washing to system change.

So far we know of six camps, a bike tour and a biking camp in Europe this year – in Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, and Germany!

A lot of camps go with actions that draw a red line. To show: until here and no further – it’s up to us to mark the end of destruction!


May 21-28 – Eastern Germany/Poland: Lausitzcamp on Tour, Lusatia coalfields

The big Ende Gelände actions are in the Rhineland coalfields this year, but resistance must go on in Lusatia, too. This spring (May 21 – 28), we are not camping in one place, but put our tents on bikes and cycle through the mining region in Eastern Germany and Poland, visiting local anti-coal initiatives on our way – connecting the dots, growing the movement. Website:

May 24-28
– Austria: Climate Camp close to Vienna airport Aviation is a red line

Our struggle focuses on the need to shrink fossil airtravel and associated (infra)structures as well as questioning the ever present focus on “green” growth. Very recent, there has been some major victory, since the Federal Adminstrative Court ruled against the building of the 3rd runway at Vienna airport, regarding the legal acknowledgement of climate change as a more important factor than some questionable jobs.

But since then, local industry and politics are running heavily against the decision. We will continue to fight against airport expansion and for system change.

Aviation expansion is a red line – and red lines are not to be crossed! To show this, there will be a big Red Lines Action on the 27th of May – close to the airport and with some noise and bicycles! Come all to this climate camp to get more details and participate!

June 21-27 – Czech Republic: Climate Camp near Most

Limity jsme my movement (We are the limits) organises the very first Climate Camp in the Czech Republic. Klimakemp is taking place in June (21st to 25th) in the North-bohemian mining region (by the town of Most). It will be an opportunity to learn from each other, share our experience, have fun protesting and nonetheless, to non-violently disrupt the operation of one of the nearby mines or power-plants. Come to join us! There will be buses going from Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. Read more on the website

June 22-26, Amsterdam – Climate camp and Mass climate civil disobedience action in the port of Amsterdam

Something is brewing in the Western harbour of Amsterdam, the world’s largest gasoline harbour and Europe’s second largest coal port. Code Rood, a new coalition calls for a massive civil disobedience action in and around the Port of Amsterdam. We have no patience anymore. We give the power to the people and draw a red line against the fossil industry!

There will also be a climate action camp from Thursday June 22 to Monday June 26. Come as early as possible to prepare well! More info will come soon on the website:

August 415 Climate camp in France

Save the date and watch out for more updates!

August 5-22 – Austria/Germany : Cycle for Change from Vienna to the Climate Camp in Rhineland

We are planning to cycle from Vienna to the Climate Camp in Germany (close to Bonn: Klimacamp im Rheinland) in August. You join the tour or already help us now organizing it. More information can be found on the website of the project:

August 10-15 – Belgium: Action Camp

An action camp will take place near Hoge Rielen (Kasterlee), from August 10-15. It will focus on energy, climate and social justice. The camp will feature action trainings, workshops around “energy justice”, DYI and there will be an action on Monday, August 14.

Weblink coming soon! For now, get in touch with

August 1829, Germany: Rhineland Climate Camp

Right on the edge of some of the nastiest coal mines in Europe, near Cologne, there will be another climate camp this year. Or even several camps. Who knows, there is so much going on. A mass action of civil disobedience (Ende Gelände) to block the mining infrastructure. A red line action around the Hambach Forest. And lots more!

From August 18 – 29, there will be camp space(s) for networking, education, arts and actions.. and trying out tomorrow’s society right now – social, ecological and based on grassroots democracy.

At the camp the Degrowth Summer School will take place for the third time, where the concept of degrowth is put into action: By learning practical skills and analysing political and economic developments.