Join our struggle for a fair and sustainable world

Want to join the fight against climate change, abuses in industrial agriculture or the TTIP trade agreement? Do you want to contribute to agricultural biodiversity and the creation of an ecologically sound and fair food chain from below, but can’t find the time to initiate actions or organise activities? Do you also find it important to challenge the ever more anti-social policies of governments who do not take global warming serious enough? Join us and become a donor of ASEED!

It’s not easy for a small stubborn organisation like ours to pay our bills. To be able to continue the independent, pioneering course we set 25 years ago, we need the financial support of people that sympathize with our positions and actions. People like you. So if you want to help us out, or you feel guilty for working for Cargill, Unilever, Albert Heijn, Monsanto or Solidaridad, please keep us in mind. We need regular donors to be able to sustain our volunteer organisation…

Yes, I will join ASEED and become a donor!

Option 1: Schedule periodical money transfers yourself

The easiest way to make a donation to ASEED on a regular basis is to set up a periodical money transfer from your bank account. We prefer this approach because it requires no time input from our side. Go to the page with the info about periodical money transfers.

Option 2: Mandate ASEED

If you have a European bank account it is also possible to mandate ASEED to withdraw your donation periodically from your bank account – an action that gives us more long-term financial security but is also more time-consuming. You can stop this mandate at any moment but note that it cannot start until we have received a signed confirmation from you. Go to the sign-up form for the mandate.

Option 3: One time donation

Of course all donations are welcome! Also the sporadic one-time donations. You can do this through a money transfer from your bank account, but there are also other options, such as Geef Gratis and Paypal. Go to the page with the options for one time donations.

geld-geven-300Option 4: Cash

Of course you can also make cash donations, whenever you run into ASEEDers at an event. Or you visit our office in Amsterdam, or send Euros, UK Pounds or US Dollars disguised in an envelope (between two cards or pieces of paper). To make a larger donation, you can better contact us first via, or phone us on +31 (0)20 668 2236 to arrange the best way to do this.

Deduct your contribution from your taxable income
Under certain conditions your donation doesn’t have to put too much pressure on your personal budget. ASEED is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO or ANBI), acknowledged by the Dutch tax office. Therefore your can deduct a donation to ASEED from your taxable income in The Netherlands, under the condition that you commit to a fixed annual contribution for 5 years. You are also allowed to spread this payment. If you for example want to donate 5 Euro per month, you can download this form, print it, fill in your details including the amount of 60 (12 x 5,-) Euro annually, sign it and send it by post to ASEED or give to an ASEEDer you know. We will sign it too and send a copy back to you. Don’t forget to sign up as a donor via one of the above registration methods as well! Easy enough, who would not want to channel tax money to an independent action group after all those subsidy cuts?

More information about PBO can be found on the English section of the Dutch tax office website. The official information about the organisation that is required for the ANBI status you can find here.