Food Autonomy Festival AmsterdamWhat is FAF all about?

The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF), Amsterdam, is about presenting solutions to the food system crisis, the climate crisis and an alternative to capitalist, hierarchical organisation, that has undeniably failed to deliver an ecologically sustainable and just world.
We believe autonomy is an essential component for creating a better future. Without autonomy the same cycles of exploitation, oppression and destruction will continue. Without autonomy the planet´s resources will be ravaged to feed a profit hungry, growth-based economic system, while the ecology we depend upon continues to be destroyed. Without autonomy people everywhere, but particularly in the developing world, will continue to suffer from exploitation and unnecessary deprivation.

Autonomy is not the right of a corporation to choose the resources it will ingest to create products we probably don’t need, nor is it the right of the individual to act without thought to the freedom of others, consuming whatever pleases them regardless of the social and ecological consequences. Autonomy, as we understand it, is the act of individuals determining for themselves the course of their existence in the context of self-organised communities.

Call it anarchism, call it libertarian socialism, it is the recognition that the individual exists and does so within a community. It is the acceptance that all people must have a share in deciding how their community is to be organised, and that all share a responsibility for themselves, for the community and for the ecology they are a part of.

The decentralisation and socialisation of food production is the focus of FAF. To witness autonomous, self-organised groups taking back the fields, forests, farms and factories, and casting aside the arbitrary conceptual division between cities and countryside, merging urban and rural life in a harmonious, cooperative, ecologically rational relationship is our vision. The first step we are taking is a one-day festival promoting food autonomy. Its not much but its a start. Come and join us to learn practical skills, hear from others about their experiences with food autonomy and share in the collective enthusiasm for an autonomous future.

The Programme

The full programme is not yet confirmed, but the festival will combine practical workshops in growing food, composting, creating food forests and more, along with presentations from people working the land autonomously and discussions about food sovereignty, agroecology, self-organisation, food aid and the migrant crisis and more. Two meals will be served throughout the day, both will be vegan, which is good for animals and for the planet! Both meals will be served on donation.


Food aid and the Migrant Crisis – Panel discussion

Land-based Communes – Presentation and discussion

Food Sovereignty and Agroecology – Presentation and discussion

Taste Before you Waste – Bread balls workshop

City Plot – Information stand about urban gardening

Paper Jam – Revolutionary pamphlets, zines and more from the autonomous printing collective

De Vrije Bond – Info stand from the anarchist free union

If you are interested in running a workshop, giving a presentation or hosting a discussion, contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

When and Where

The festival will take place on the 6th May, 2017 at the Bajesdorp in Amsterdam. Starting at 12:00 the event will run into the evening, finishing with bands, food and bar.

The Bajesdorp is a collection of houses, some squatted, some rented. Most FAF activities, including eating and drinking, will happen in De Muiterij, the main social center at the Bajesdorp. You can find out more about the social space and the other events happening there by visiting the Bajesdorp website, here.

The Bajesdorp can be found at the follow address:

H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 36,

1096 AN,


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