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German anti-gmo calendar 2009

november 8, 2008
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The actions in Germany starting in spring 2008 inspired a remarkable uprise of resistance against gmos in agriculture. Now the brief flair of towers, concrete blocks, climbing actions, hacking, and building tents and huts can enter every house and room – though the accompanying texts make it very clear: even more enchanting is the action itself. Information about the field occupations, diary notes, interviews with activists, peoms about the fields or the songtext of "Tower on the gmo field" are gathered on the backs of the photo pages. The sale of this calendar supports future actions against gmos. Of the price (12,80 euros) 3 euros go to actions groups for their actions and legal support. Book shops, info stalls and bulk orders get a discount. More info in German and pdfs of the calendar (low resolution) can be found on www.projektwerkstatt.de/kalender.

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