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German field liberator imprisoned

september 2, 2009
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This is still the information about Michael Grolm. The fact that he has been released doesn’t mean his juridical case has been stopped. And as far as we know, Christian Pratz is in a similar situation.

Together with many other activists from the group Gendreck-Weg! Michael Grolm is already for years organising openly announced GM-field release actions. The aim of the actions is to make the planted genetically manipulated crops harmless. This resistance is one of the reasons that in April 2009 the commercial cultivations of MON810 has been forbidden in Germany.

Despite the ban Michael Grolm has been convicted and has to pay 1000 Euro. He keeps still convinced that he hasn’t done anything wrong and is not planning to pay the fine. By going to jail instead he hopes to raise extra attention for the the problems gene technology is causing in agriculture. Also the solidarity actions are generating extra attention for this issue.

ImageCine Rebelde made a short movie about Michael Grolm, the action he did with Gendreck-Weg! and the solidarity action when he gave himself in at the police station. On the website of this movie collective you can also find out how you can write Michael, support him financially or write protest letters.

Website GendreckWeg!: http://www.gendreck-weg.de

More about the gm-crop Mon810 from multinational Monsanto on http://www.ifrik.org/taxonomy/term/82