Luid protest bij pesticidecongres Cropworld Global
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Voor een landbouw zonder Monsanto, Bayer en andere gifmengers Woensdag 30 oktober 2013 demonstreerden 200 mensen bij de RAI in Amsterdam tegen de chemische industrie die daar op dat moment bijeen was bij Cropworld Global. Dit is de jaarlijkse bijeenkomst van de grote producenten van bestrijdingsmiddelen. Deze bedrijven zijn medeverantwoordelijk … verder lezen

Steun de Field Liberation Movement aardappelbevrijders in hun rechtszaak
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Join ASEED on a solidarity trip to Belgium: Monday 27th -Tuesday 28th May.

We are organising transport to Dendermonde, to support the 11 activists that are resisting the unjust sentences in the ‘GM potato trial’. 

And you are invited to participate actively. At the first hearing the defense team did not have the chance to present their evidence, their witnesses or to explain their action. Now their will be a Public Hearing, organised independently from the courthouse, in which we can all exchange our arguments and form our opinion together.  Citizens, farmers, researchers, and anybody else interested in the issue: bring your knowledge, experience and ideas.

We will be leaving on the evening of Monday 27th May, and returning after the trial finishes on Tuesday 28th.