SEEDmail #30 (winter 2013)
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Hier SEEDmail nummer 30, ASEEDs laatste nieuwsbrief van 2013! Om onze naam eer aan te doen is er aandacht voor een zadenweekend, mais-zaden en de Europese zadenwetgeving. En een Actieverslag van demonstratie tegen de pesticideindustrie. Veel leesplezier en goede feestdagen en zo en mocht je nog een goed doel zoeken … verder lezen

SEEDmail #29 – oktober 2013
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Het zijn woelige tijden bij ASEED. Er gaan mensen weg en er komen mensen bij. Hierdoor zal de organisatie veranderen en dat is vast goed. Maar ons campagnewerk gaat ondertussen gewoon door en dat is hard nodig ook. Tijd voor een SEEDmail … over Monsanto en andere zaadzooi.

SEEDmail #27 – April 2013
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Hi all,
Finally spring has kicked in: seeds are sprouting andcrops are appearing …and so are our actions and activities. In this seedmail you will find a seedy report from the seed weekend, news about our upcoming GM Free Agriculture Day, a global ´March against Monsanto´, urgent action YOU can take against seed monopolising EU laws and more anouncements.

SEEDmail # 26 – February 2013
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About Seeds, GM chips won’t touch my lips and some things we (urgently) need (practical) help with….

SEEDmail #25 – December 2012
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Looking back and ahead & looking for money and housing

Dear Friends,
The New year is near. At ASEED we look back at a hectic but fulfilling 2012 and at the same time ahead into 2013: action, activities and spreading information on seeds, food sovereignty, access to urban agriculture land, and anti-GMO campaigning took place. Also the coming year ASEED will continue working on these topics. But we would like to share some highlights or our work and invite you to join.

SEEDmail #24 – November 2012
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Hi all,

Welcome to the new SEEDmail, ASEED’s irregular digital newsletter. Lots of anouncements and calls again, many with a genetically manipulated aspect to it……well, probably because those horrid GMOs will be the focus of our informative and activist activities in 2013. We have plenty “dirty little” plans, unfortunately not yet the financial and human resources to realise them all. Continue reading to find out what we’re up to, how we think to tackle the problems and how you can help to solve them…..

SEEDmail #23 – September 2012
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Hello! This is the post-summer edition of ASEED’s newsletter. Read how about the Good Food March for a sustainable, fair and GMO-free agriculture and food in Europe. Shocking scientific research proves GM maize causes huge tumors. GM-potato field trials in the Netherlands destroyed and protests in Ireland against same WUR potatoes.  BASF in Germany was blocked because of their pushing forward with their GM potatoes. All this getting us brooding on exciting anti GM campaign plans for 2013…

SEEDmail #22 – June 2012
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Fresh from the oven, euh, press: there will be a MOBILE BREAD OVEN at the Agriculture Action Camp. This newsletter is mainly an update on that event, starting next week. Read more about it in English below the Dutch part. Also: new materials in Dutch (Farmer to Farmer and video report of the Reclaim the Seeds weekend), our Food sovereignty brochure in NL and ENG, and we are looking for 1 or 2 new EVS-ers.

SEEDmail #21 – May 2012
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SEEDmail May 2012: Of field liberators, action camps and much more.

Welcome to SEEDmail, the digital newsletter of ASEED. In the previous one we announced the Reclaim the Seeds weekend of early March. It was a great success. Since then we have been busy with the preparations of new campaigns and actions. High time for some announcements and reports. Enjoy reading.

SEEDmail #20 – February 2012
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Hello, here is SEEDmail, the seediest ASEED newsletter so far, featuring:
1. Reclaim the Seeds – seed fair + volunteer call  – 10-11 March
2. Kokopelli Collective on the way to success within the European seed regulations
3. Agriculture action camp – 5-10 July
4. Albert Heijn’s Irresponsible Soy: get Ahold!
5. BASF announces GMO retreat from Europe
6. Workshop on agroecological farming and food movement
7. Food sovereignty and VersVoko Food Co-ops
8. Flemish ngo´s reject field trial of gmo-corn VIB
9. Slow Science Workshop, 30 March 2012, VUB Brussels
10. Vokomokum on Dutch television
11. Wij zijn het megazat – 17 March 12.00hr – Dam square Amsterdam


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