De klimaatcrisis is een voedselcrisis
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“The climate crisis is a food system crisis” is een nieuwe publicatie van ASEED die impact benadrukt die het industriële voedselsysteem heeft op het klimaat en hoe een klein aantal multinationale ondernemingen hun dominante positie in de landbouw en voedingsmarkt verdedigen. De brochure presenteert voedselsoevereiniteit en agroecologie als noodzakelijke alternatieven die er voor … verder lezen

‘Het is tijd voor voedselsoevereiniteit’ (brochure)
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It is time for food sovereignty

(ASEED juni 2012)

Food is hot. More and more people want to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced. Small-scale initiatives to grow or distribute your own food are gaining popularity. In other words: it it time for food sovereignty, also in the Netherlands.


ASEED has recently published a brochure about food sovereignty. This brochure explains what is wrong with the current agriculture and food system and presents food sovereignty as an alternative. It also contains concrete examples of how you can strive towards food sovereignty in the Netherlands yourself.

Reader&Report: Studiedag Gentechvrije Zones
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In 2009 ASEED organised a conference on GMO free zones in the Netherlands together with Greenpeace and organic chain organisation Bionext (then still called Biologica). A reader with backgrounds and a report with the presentations and discussion outcomes, both mainly in Dutch, have been published. Find out how to consume … verder lezen

Brochure: You Reap what You Sow
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Monopolisation of seeds – This brochure takes a look at the current state of affairs regarding monopolisation in the seed market of Europe and the Netherlands, and examines the implications for the future of food and farming as we know it.