Brazil: Attack of Syngenta’s armed militia results in deaths and woundeds
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During an attack of an armed militia with around 40 gunmen to the peasant's camp at the experimental field trial of Syngenta Seeds multinational, at Santa Teresa do Oeste, at 13:30 of today (October 21st), a Via Campesina member, Valmir Motta, 32 years old, father of 3 children, was executed with two shots on his chest. Other six rural workers are severely wounded and a gunmen was possibly killed.

8 November: Worldwide protest against Syngenta
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Hundreds of groups and individuals participated in street actions or sent petition letters yesterday 8 November 2007 to protest against the murder of Valmir Mota d’Oliveira Via Campesina-Brazil leader during an occupation of a Syngenta genetically modified (GMO) field trial in Parana, Brazil.

Brazil: Landless peasants occupy Syngenta plants
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Brazilian landless peasants occupied two production facilities of agrochemical producer Syngenta on Monday December 10, 2007, demanding the Swiss company leave the South American farm export giant.

Landless farmers occupy Syngenta farm – October 2007
French ban on GMO-maize official
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On saturday 9th of February, France officially banned the cultivation of the bt-maize MON810. With the ban on the US-agrogiant Monsanto’s crop France joins Austria, Poland, Hungary and Greece. Environmental organisations and critical farmers are happy, conventional maize growers and Monsanto angry.

Activists occupy GM corn field in Germany
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Oberboihingen – About 20 activists are occupying a trial field with GM maize in Oberboihingen in the south of Germany since last Friday April 4th. They want to prevent contamination of conventional corn. They installed a 10-meter high tower in the field. Thanks to the support of the local population the occupants managed to defy heavy rainfall during the weekend.

Locations Dutch Field Trials 2008
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This year there have been a lot of applications and approvals for potato and maize field trial permissions. On the website of VROM , the Dutch Ministry of Environment, you can see in which municipalities those field trials are. (Click on “Locaties Veldproeven”)

An overview of the locations of the field trial applications in 2008 with maize you can see on the website of Greenpeace.

Direct resistance against GMO-fields in Germany
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So far, 7 GMO fields have been squatted and the cultivation of at least 3 other fields have been prevented by destruction, sabotage and public protests this year. It looks like the German anti-GMO-movement is on the upswing.

Support Portuguese anti-GM activists
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Portugese GM activists need your support. Please sign the petition in Solidarity with Movimento Verde Eufémia.

Germany: 5 gmo fields sabotaged in 3 weeks time
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Last summer activist attacked four fields with GE maize and one with GE potato in Germany in such a way that the crops could b not be used any further. Below you can find an overview of these “field liberations” based on published online stories.

German anti-gmo calendar 2009
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Larger than A3, spetacular photos, and exciting background texts – that's how a new German calendar 2009 presents itself, documenting on 13 pages a variety of field occupations, field liberations, and counter sowing actions.

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