Greenwash alert: “Monsanto Helps Farmers…”
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monsantoskull“Monsanto Helps Farmers Plant the Seed to Grow Their Local Communities”. The title of this recent press release from Monsanto is a true creative piece of greenwash. At this pesticide- and seed company (with a 1 billion dollars profit in 2010) US farmers can win 2,500 dollars to set up something nice for their community. To save something in this region that has first been demolished by large scale agro industry, including Monsanto itself. By the way, small farmers have been excluded from this generous project. The ‘planting of seeds’, as this project is called, must obviously be take figuratively, because for the real seeds you still have to pay Monsanto a lot of money.

Gentech department BASF retreats from Europe
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The multinational chemical company BASF announced on January 16th to halt any developments and marketing of genetically modified plants in Europe. They stated that the resistance against GMO’s is too great.
BASF focused especially on the developments of potatoes on the European market. It seems that their plans within the Netherlands have also come to a halt, regarding the Amflora potato (production of propagating material) and the development of Modena together with Dutch starch cooperative AVEBE. The approval process of the GM consumption potato Fortuna will be finished and include a field trial in Dinteloord (NL) and in Sweden and Germany as well.

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