Het klimaatprobleem is een voedselprobleem
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Potatoes in Greenland, olives in the south of England, bell peppers grown outside of greenhouses in the Netherlands… The warmer weather offers possibilities. Furthermore, thanks to the mild winters, we can start growing our crops a few weeks earlier than we used to. And a higher level of CO2 also … verder lezen

De klimaatcrisis is een voedselcrisis
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“The climate crisis is a food system crisis” is een nieuwe publicatie van ASEED die impact benadrukt die het industriële voedselsysteem heeft op het klimaat en hoe een klein aantal multinationale ondernemingen hun dominante positie in de landbouw en voedingsmarkt verdedigen. De brochure presenteert voedselsoevereiniteit en agroecologie als noodzakelijke alternatieven die er voor … verder lezen

Beyond the red lines: a movie on the growing climate justice movement
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[Deze tekst is tot nu toe alleen in het Engels beschikbaar.] From the lignite mines in the Rhineland to the port of Amsterdam or the streets of Paris during the World Climate Summit, the struggles for climate justice are fought at more and more fronts.

Guide for Greenwash Guerilla COP21
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Here is our very special action Guide for the Guerilla against Greenwashing!

Stop de bedrijfsmacht en nepoplossingen bij de klimaattop
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[deze tekst van een een flyer voor Parijs is er tot nu toe alleen in het Engels] This is a text about climate change and agriculture. As you are probably well aware, government delegates from across the world are now in Paris talking about climate change. ASEED, as part of … verder lezen

Docu: Frontiers of Life
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2012-frontiers-of-live-front-detail-250Frontiers of Life: Agribusiness and mega mining expansion in Northwestern Argentina

The conquest of the land that today is known as America, has meant centuries of exploitation and theft of natural resources in the name of “civilization and progress”, leading to the extermination of natural and cultural diversities. This process has continued till today. In Northwestern Argentina the expansion of soy and sugar cane monocultures and mega mining projects cause pollution, deforestation, death and conflicts over millions of hectares of land. Here, indiginous peoples and peasant communities resist the progress of destruction, in the frontiers of life.


“The simultaneous existence of all forms of life sustains the earth´s equilibrium”

“every people, every culture is the reflection of the world it lives in”