Vleesafdeling supermarkt gesloten
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Antwerpen, 6 augustus 2009 – Een groep van 40 deelnemers aan het klimaatactiemap heeft tijdelijk de vleesafdeling in de Delhaize supermarkt op de Meir in Antwerpen gesloten. De productie en verkoop vlees en zuivel draagt wereldwijd meer bij aan de verandering van ons klimaat dan al het verkeer en transport … verder lezen

New report attacks Monsanto’s poisonous goldmine
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ImageNew study shows Roundup link with birth defects,
GM soy damages health and the environment

CEO Wednesday 22 September, 2010 – A coalition of international scientists has released a report warning of the health and environmental impacts of cultivating genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready soy and the associated spraying of glyphosate (Roundup) herbicide [1].

Stop Dutch support toxic GM soy greenwash
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Sign the second petition of Toxicsoy.org calling the Dutch government, WWF and Solidaridad to stop their support to the Round Table greenwash of toxic GM soy.

On May 28th 2009 the international ‘Round Table on Responsible Soy’ (RTRS) has agreed on criteria for ‘responsible’ soy. These are very weak and do not offer an effective solution for the grave impacts of soy production. Even worse, they legitimise genetically modified (GM) soy, designed to be produced with large quantities of pesticides at the cost of people and the environment. We question the important role World Wildlife Fund, Solidaridad, and the Dutch government play in this Round Table process, either by funding it or by being actively involved in it. WWF is claims to be against GMOs. 

Agro-Active in a Changing Climate
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ImageIn the past months A SEED has been active within the climate action movement. We saw this as a side step of our agriculture and soy campaign. Agriculture, and particularly meat production and live stock farming has huge impact on climate change. On the other side are small farmers in many Southern countries among the first groups that are negatively affected by the effects of climate change. In the months before and during the UN Climate Summit (COP15) in Copenhagen there has been a lot of attention for the issue. It was A SEEDs goals to get make agriculture part of the radical climate discourse. We have done this by publishing texts, organising actions and by being actively involved in the international mobilisation for the summit.

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