6th European Conference of GMO-Free Regions
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Image 300 representatives from 37 countries, representing formal and informal GMO-free regions, GMO-free initiatives and activists on related issues from all over Europe. Breeders and seed exchangers, farmers, bee-keepers, gmo-free traders, processors and retailers as well as consumers, critical scientists and environmental activists have met in the conference. The participants critically discussed the new GMO policy of the European Union, which was presented to them by EU Commissioner John Dalli.

Reader: Gen Zoekt Boer
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With the A SEED film Farmer and the Gene comes a reader with extensive background information. Available in Dutch only. Download the reader of find out how to order here .

Picture report Monsanto blockade
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Here you find some pictures from the blockade of the Monsanto plant in Bergschenhoek (NL) on May 17, 2010. 

Reader: STOP GE Trees Action Tool Kit
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Tool kit of Global Justice Ecology Project to campaign against GE Trees. Dowload here.

Successful blockade of Monsanto in The Netherlands
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ImageOn May 17 2010 about 40 persons of the action group 'Roundup Monsanto' blocked both gates of the Monsanto seed company in Bergschenhoek (near Rotterdam). 'Roundup Monsanto' wants Monsanto to back out of the seed market, and demand an end to patents on seeds and living organisms. Monsanto and other agro-chemical multinationals are lobbying the Dutch government and the EU for legislative changes that would make it easier for large companies to take control of the seed market and food production.[1] The blockade took place at the former De Ruiter Seeds, acquired by Monsanto in 2008, where research laboratories, offices, greenhouses, and a central storage for seeds and seedlings are to be found.

GM Soy Action Pictures
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"GM Soy issues sidetracked at GMO Conference 2009"
(25 November 2009 – The Hague Kurhaus Hotel)

Docu: The Future of Food
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(USA, 2004, Deborah Koons Garcia) What is more intimite, more universal than food? Are we still deciding ourselves what we eat when we buy products from the supermarket? There is a revolution happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America — a revolution that is transforming … verder lezen

UPDATE – Seed Business infotour
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..everything you ever wanted to know..


The whole months of April A SEED toured through the Netherlands and Belgium with info activities about the gobbling practices of seed multinationals and the growing counter movement of protest groups and alternative food and seed projects. We will continue into May. Towns we will visit (again): Wapserveen (May 1), Amsterdam (May 3), The Hague (May 11) and Zwolle (May 12) & Nijmegen (June 2 – TBC).

Docu: Monsanto’s pig patents
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German reportage on the practices of biotech giant Monsanto.Of pigs becoming infertile after eating BT-Corn, farmers confronted with fines because their land was contaminated with patented crops, and of farmers that will have to pay up soon for every new bron piglet because Monsanto patented the genetic code of pigs. … verder lezen

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