support Food Sovereignty – support Blockupy in Frankfurt!
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logo blockupyAlthough we have to admit that nobody ASEED could find time to go to the action days in Frankfurt, we do support Blockupy. Below you find a statement from the European Food Sovereinty Movement calling for actions against the big banks and their involvement in agriculture world wide.
The current industrial agriculture is part of the industrial economy and capitalist society. To be able to move towards a social and sustainable agriculture we have to change the economy as well. We should move away from economical  growth and the addiction to fossil fuels. Focus on all people’s real needs.  We call for all who support Food Sovereignty – individuals, networks, groups, unions, organizations- to mobilize for Blockupy Frankfurt and to participate at the action days! Probably your solidarity is also needed after the action days. The German government and police are criminalising activists and the planned events.

Actions at land occupation in Notre-Dame-des-Landes
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zad-affiche-300The French state and the large building company Vinci want to build a new airport to be able to pollute more and to increase the speed up oil depletion. And of course to make money. A lot of agriculture land will have to disappear for the project. To block this plan the area is been occupied by a large group of people who have started to build the land. By doing this they want to increase the local sustainable food production and create food sovereignty. Here you find a new call for action by the occupiers:

“A reoccupation action is being planned in case of an eviction at Notre-Dame-des-Landes in France: To re-plant and rebuild against the construction of the airport: Vinci get out! Not here, not Khimki*, not anywhere!

Ending corporate capture of the United Nations
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top-uncorpOnce every 10 years sustainable development is high on the agenda of the United Nations. This started in 1992 with the ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio de Janeiro. The international conferences on climate and on biodiversity were a result of that meeting. In the beginning is was actually quite promising. Unfortunately the influence of corporations has on those processes has increased since then. Environmental regulation were seen as a danger for their profit, while ‘green’ became a strategy to sell more products.

Aguante Somonte! Tierra y libertad!
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Grote landbezetting in Andalusië als reactie op de crisis

[this article only exists in Dutch at the moment]

Hieronder vind je een artikel van de vakbond van landarbeiders SOC over de bezetting van de Somonte Finca in Andalusië. De schrijver die er een paar dagen bij was, was onder de indruk van het enthousiasme en overtuigingskracht van de landarbeiders. De SOC is van plan in de komende maanden meer land te bezetten, vooral grond van de publieke of militaire sector.

Dit is een goed voorbeeld van wat er aan acties allemaal mogelijk is in een regio die zeer sterk getroffen is door de crisis. De SOC roept op tot steun en solidariteit.

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