Women growing seeds for companies in India discriminated and underpaid
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2012-wagesofinequalityNew report India Committee of the Netherlands: “Wages of Inequality”

On December 12 2012 the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) are publishing the report “Wages of Inequality – Wage Discrimination and Underpayment in Hybrid Seed Production in India”.

Other key messages of the new report:

  • Agricultural wages have increased but they are still below minimum wages
  • Multinationals not better than Indian companies regarding wages
  • Dalits often make longer working days
  • Child labour depresses the wages
19 July 2010: No Patents on Seeds Conference
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On Monday July 19th the international Conference  “Patents on Seeds – The Turning Point” will take place in Munich, Germany [1]. Researchers and representatives from farmers and civil organisations  will discuss current trends regarding patents on seeds and animals, highlighting the negative impacts of the current system, the changes that would be needed and possibilities for effecting those changes. The conference is initiated by the European coalition No Patents on Seeds, which consists of NGO’s that have united to call a halt to the ever expanding privatisation of life. On Tuesday July 20th No Patents on Seeds ha organised a large manifestation at the European Patent Office.

Kokopelli-vonnis schaadt biodiversiteit en vrije zadenhandel
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Er is een uitspraak in de zaak Kokopelli, het Franse zaden-collectief. Het Europese Gerechtshof oordeelde op 12 juli 2012 dat een aantal Europese zadenrichtlijnen niet strijdig is met belangrijke rechtsbeginselen van de Unie. Daarmee bevestigde het Hof de marktdominantie van grote zadenbedrijven, de exportbelangen van de EU, en de nadruk … verder lezen

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