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Update GENTECH.NL – SEPT 2009

oktober 6, 2009
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– Permits [Dutch] field trials with Pioneer's GM corn destroyed

– New "gmo free" logos in Germany and France

– [Dutch Minister] Cramer wants public discussion on GM

– Genfrei Gehen march reaches Brussels with 35.000 signatures for a GE free world

– Research: scientific criticism on EU assessment GM corn

– Roundup: health damage and resistant weeds

– European Food Safety Authority approves Monsanto corn

– Greenpeace: GE information centerse and open air cinemas throughout the Netherlands

– Agrofuels and the EU research budget: public money for private interests

– Preliminary criteria for sustainable soy still controversial

– Independent scientists join forces

– Ponticifally for GMOs

– Criticism on support GE soy from WWF and Solidaridad

– No higher yield from GMO

– Food insecurity highlights need for sustainable agriculture


 all items can be read about on www.gentech.nl –  in Dutch