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4 GMO fields destroyed

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The experiment was very controversial, and is surely a failure after these actions. The BT-maize is already admitted for commercial cultivation. The Dutch co-existence agreement states very small distances that are supposed to keep GMO maize and conventional maize separated.

But large scale cultivation of this maize in Spain has shown already that maize seeds spread over much greater distances. On websites of organisations like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace very extensive information can be found on all the drawbacks (environmental, economical, social) of GMO crops and BT-maize in particular.

Direct action against test fields is apparently not stopped by underpayed, unmotivated guards in white cars. If the Dutch government wishes to find out the level of acceptance of GMO crops by this experiment, then they have now received the answer.

(if any one would take pictures of the destroyed fields and publish them on Indymedia – or somewhere else, it would be greatly appreciated)

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