FAF #4
The past months of being online has been a new experience for all of us. We've spent time with Mama D from Community Centered Knowledge learning about the intersections of our societies, interviewed various farmers throughout Europe for a series of farmer portraits (coming soon), wrote articles from the speakers of Reclaim the Seeds (coming soon), watched the Mahatma Gandhi gardens flourish, and continued with the solidarity farming project. Seeds seeds and more seeds!

We've also been getting on the streets with Shell Must Fall, as well as organising demonstrations for the #LeaveNoOneBehind demonstrations happening throughout Europe. The Dutch government still refuses to allow people to find safety in this country so we will be back for another demonstration in Dam Square next Tuesday. With that we continue our support of Behoud Lutkemeer and the current petition campaign to get the polder rezoned back to agriculture. More information on this and a beautiful poster at the end of this newsletter.

On top of that, we are super excited to present the first homemade Food Autonomy Festival. This will be an opportunity for us to engage and keep up with the important debates around food autonomy. Fear not, we are also taking action on Sunday the 7th of June with Guerilla FAF: Planting food autonomy.

Keeping the momentum going has kept our spirits high, but without our monthly vokus, it has been financially difficult for ASEED in the past months. We would greatly appreciate if you would consider donating a small amount to Stichting ASEED Europe IBAN: NL47 TRIO 0254 7289 52 or if you would like to become a more regular donor please visit here.

We hope to see you at some of the upcoming demonstrations and events. Take care!


31.05 Peat-Fest

Our comrades at Re-Peat will be hosting their first Peat-Fest this weekend. With over 45 sessions to choose from there should be plenty of peaty fun to go around website.
02.06 #LeaveNoOneBehind

[Dam square / 17:00]
In an effort to call for the immediate evacuation of the refuge camp Moria we will hold a silent demonstration on the Dam Square. For more information visit our website.
02.06 Klimaatstrijd in Crisistijd - Ontgroei: een nieuw verhaal?

Met moderator Kauthar Bouchallikht gaan we heb hebben over ontgroei als alternatief verhaal voor de klimaatbeweging. Meer informatie hier.
05-09.06 Growing Together
After working together on the Food Sovereignty statement with members of young friends of the earth Europe, we will be taking part in their training. Check out more information on their website.
FAF #4
06.06 Food Autonomy Festival #4

[Online / 11:00-14:30]
We've put together a small FAF Homemade edition this year. There will be a human library, drawing together and a panel discussion. Check out more details on the event on our website.
07.06 Guerilla FAF:
Planting food autonomy

[Around the world / 11:00-15:00]
The yearly Food Autonomy Festival has been cancelled for now due to the Covid-19. But, that is not stopping us from taking action for food autonomy! Check out more info on our website.

Homegrown articles

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-19 um 19.16.56
Reading group on degrowth
Degrowth is a widely discussed topic at the moment, so we decided to delve into the topic deeper. Here's what we found.
Intersectionality statement
We've been working hard to integrate intersectionality within our work at ASEED. Also in Dutch & Spanish.
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-22 at 10.35.20 AM
Let's germinate Reclaim the Seeds!
Some ASEEDers have been working hard to spread the seeds which we missed out on due to cancellation of the festival.
Online Utrecht Degrowth Symposium: From circular economy to circular society
Can circular economy could enable the decoupling of economic growth from economic degradation and in which way it can address the socio-ecological crisis?
#LeaveNoOneBehind: Voorkom nu de corona-catastrofe, ook aan de buitengrenzen
An article written by de wereld morgen about the demonstrations for the evacuation of Moria.
European Patent Office gives green light to prohibit patents on plants and animals
"The Board concluded that plants and animals obtained by ‘essentially biological processes’ are not patentable, with the exception of patent applications filed before July 2017."

Petition for the Lutkemeer

The Lutkemeerpolder is an ancient 42-hectare area of agricultural land near
Osdorp on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The city council wants to destroy it in
favour of a industrial zone. We need locally produced food, we need to protect the last fertile ground. #supportyourlocals

Unnecessary warehouses in place of a beautiful polder, filled with birds and flowers, perfect for wandering and biking and growing healthy organic food close to the city is short-sighted, and profit-minded. With an eye on the climate crisis it becomes absolutely ridiculous to build a business park on top of extremely necessary green spaces.

Therefore, we have filed an official request to change the zoning plans from "business park" to "agrarian and green". We ask as many people as possible to support this demand. Please help out, sign the petition at behoudlutkemeer.nl/petitie and share it in your networks.

Spread the word!
Poster by Maia Matches
Poster by Maia Matches.
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