Planting food autonomy - Seedbomb action
Summer is really here, and we can sense it all around us. The Mahatma Gandhi garden is abundant with artichokes, beans and the sunflowers which are growing tall. At ASEED we are also growing, with the selection of the people who are going to join the team in the fall. We are happy to announce that five new people will start in September, four from the European Solidarity Corps and one doing an internship.

This also means we are starting to round off the past year, and for this we are working on a zine full of memories. This will cover the actions and activities that ASEED has both organized and taken part in the past twelve months.

But, before we are ready to share our lovely zine with you, we still have a few things up our sleeves. This month we closed our previous theme of de-growth, and opened a new bi-monthly theme of The Common Agricultural Policy - A problem with potential for progress. So far, we had our first open air reading group on the topic in the Mahatma Ghandhi gardens and discussed the topic during the Food Autonomy Festival Homemade, in our webinar on Food Autonomy and International policies. During this we also had our seed-bomb action at the Lutkemeer polder, which there is now a lovely video of. Next to this, we have shown ongoing solidarity with the ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations throughout the world and one ASEEDer has written an article on Black lives matter and the importance of taking down statues.

Coming up in the next weeks we will have our first voku since March! This means on Tuesday the 28th of July we will again harvest, cook and later invite everyone to participate in a jam session, we hope to see you there.

On top of this, we invite you to check out the continuation of our farmers portrait series. Every weekend we publish an interview with a diversity of farmers from all over the world and how their response to the covid-19 crisis has been. Three are already available in this newsletter.

Enjoy these summer months and we hope to see some of you next Tuesday!


28.07 ASEED Solidarity Voku! We Miss You!

[Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam / 18:00]
We're back with another homegrown voku. Make sure you book a spot and bring an instrument for some jamming. Food will be freshly harvested from the beautiful farm where our ongoing Community Food Solidarity project happens. More information available on the website.

Farmer portraits

We decided to take a look at the different ways in which the coronavirus has affected farmers in different places around the world. To find this out, several ASEED'ers have conducted qualitative interviews with several farmers. This series is meant to shed light on the fact that, although the Coronavirus affects people all over the world, it doesn’t affect them all in the same way. On top of that, farmer’s are a group of people that have the most practical experience in dealing with zoonotic diseases, we therefore believe that their insights are very valuable within the current discourse on this topic.

We hope you enjoy these articles!

De-growth report & podcast

Reading group report: De-colonising de-growth
Here we discuss how degrowth can function both as an umbrella term, connecting different ideologies/struggles over the globe to fight capitalism, but at the same be decolonial and therefore not centering its Eurocentric agenda.
ASEED Podcast #3 - Degrowth with Giuseppe Feola
In this podcast we go deeper into the concept of degrowth, Giuseppe’s background on degrowth, the connection to food and nature, degrowth in relation to globalisation, and of course degrowth in times of Covid-19.

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