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The start of the year has been filled with reflecting and planning for the upcoming months. During this process we've prepared some articles and a podcast for you to delve into. They cover Indigenous resistance and Gender & Agriculture. The podcast is an interview with two female farmers from Pluk! (one of the community supported farms in Amsterdam). Additionally, we made a short report of the training some of us attended on gender empowerment in rural areas in Catalonia. You can check them all out in the News & reports.

Next to writing, we also had our yearly get together last week. During this day we got to know some new faces and worked together to plan for this years Fossil Free Agriculture campaign. From the full-day meet-up we formed working groups for our main activities this year: The Food Autonomy Festival, Decentralised actions (including Free the Soil actions) and Behoud Lutkemeer. Thank you to everyone who attended and showed so much compassion for each other and energy for spreading seeds of climate justice & agroecology this year.

From this, it is clear that we have a lot of seeds to spread, but what use are seeds without water? As you know everything in ASEED would not be possible without your contributions so we put together a short video to show you why it's all worth it. Please watch and consider being a monthly donor to the fight. One time donations are also greatly appreciated!

"The time has come to reclaim the stolen harvest and celebrate the growing and giving of good food as the highest gift and the most revolutionary act." - Vandana Shiva


22.01 Behoud Lutkemeer:
New Year Borrel and info!

[Stopera, Amsterdam / 17:00]
The plans for 2020 to protect the Lutkemeer have been launced! Unfortunately this action has passed. If you'd like an update on how it went you can check out their website.

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29.01 Reading group:
Gender & agriculture

[ASEED office, Amsterdam / 19:00]
The ASEED Reading Group is gonna have a FOURTH session, yay! Before the reading group we have a delicious meal provided by Taste Before You Waste. More info on the website.

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01-02.02 Talk at Defeating Dystopia

[Bak basis voor kunst, Pauwstraat 13A, Utrecht]
We will be giving a talk at this years Defeating Dystopia. To find out more about the whole event check out their website. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

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06.02 Climate justice voku

[Volkskammer Fabriek, Amsterdam / 19:00]
During this voku we will share delicious food as always & explore what it means to have an autonomous territorial seed system that doesn't patent and commodify mother earth.

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News & reports

Reading group report #2 - Indigenous resistance
reading from Nick Estes & Dina Gilio-Whitaker
Pluk (front)
Podcast #2 Gender & agriculture interviews with with Ann and Annie from Pluk!
facebook website