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A SEED on tour along mega pig stables

In june 2009 ASEED Europe and the German organisation Nandu have visited a large number of locations where local residents have organised themselves against the construction of mega pig stalls. Most dates on the tour featured an information meeting and a street event. But also the informal exchange of information, experiences, arguments and strategies are important objectives of the tour.

We had made a nice flyer to hand out during the tour. Here you find a digital gif-version of the nice flyer that was made for the tour: front | back.

On another page you can you can read about all tour stops: https://aseed.net/en/pig-tour-reports-from-the-tour-stops-2/

Here you can still find the announcement of the tour:

Both in The Netherlands and Germany Dutch industrial pig farmers are planning for considerable expansion of their businesses. On most locations their plans meet with local opposition, mainly because of the effect of huge pig stalls on the local environment. Apart from that the only way to feed the immense numbers of animals is by importing cheap soy, which has far reaching consequences for the Latin American regions where soy is mass produced. Local resistance against large scale pig industry as well as local resistance agains soy production is widely spread. The main aim of this tour is for the Dutch, German and Paraguayan organisations that are involved in these protest to make contact with eachother. By putting together their wide variety of arguments against this industry the organisers of this tour hope to strenghten the existing campaigns.

The programme on every tour date will consist of an informal part in which we get to know the organisation of local people, and an outdoor event and information evening. The informal meetings serve to exchange experiences, arguments and ideas. Towns and villages close to the planned mega stalls will be the stage for a street theater and a photo exhibition. The street theater act makes use of a board game to show how small farmers, rural people and animals are getting pushed out as large soy producers and large scale pig farmers move in.  The exhibition shows images of the entire soy food chain, from cutting down forests to create farmland, till the soy ends up as food for the animal industry. The information nights cover the problems caused by soyproduction, rural developments in Europe and the situation locally. Combined with a diverse public there are enough reasons to expect lively discussions.

Video letters
Outside in the street and during the information nights we will show video letters. These are filmed registrations of personal stories by people that live in soy producing regions in Paraguay,  in which they include their message to farmers and consumers in Europe. During the tour dates in The Netherlands and Germany new video letters will be recorded with messages from local European organisations to eachother and to farmers and rural organisations in Latin America. Read more about the video letters and watch them.

For more information about the tour: contact soy@aseed.net.

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Mega pig stall tour schedule:

May: Vroomshoop (Overijssel, NL) Plans for a LOG (Rural Development Area)  with three pig farms. Two with 20.000 pigs by ‘Family Farmers’ and one with 5100 sows and a mink farm. Local resident group ‘Vroomshoop geen Mesthoop’ (Vroomshoop not Dung Heap) is opposed to the plans. The local council and inhabitants are almost unanimously against the plans, but the provincial authority
is still in favour.

May 30-31st: Appelscha (Fryslan, NL) In this area with plenty of forests live more wild boar then fattening pig but during the annual Pinksterlanddagen festival we will give a workshop about the development of the animal industry in Europe and soy production in Latin America, as well as a viewing of the videoletters.

June 1-2nd: Alt Telling (Mecklenburg, D) In Alt Telling very infamous pig keeper Adrianus Straathof intends to build Europe’s biggest mega pig stall. The tour will visit the neighbouring communities of Demmin, Neubrandenburg and Greifswald.

June 3d: Greifswald / Medow (Mecklenburg, D) Close to Medow Straathof opened a location where 14.000 pigs are held. There is still resistance from the people living closeby. In Greifswald we cooperate with the  ‘ Agrikultus’ . Event: on the market in the afternoon. Info night: 20:00 in St. Spiritus, Langestraße 49/51

June 4th: Demnin (Mecklenburg, D) Public event connected to the Alt Telling building plans.

June 5th: Neubrandenburg (Mecklenburg, D). Public event connected to the Alt Tellin building plans.

June 7-8th: Berlin (D) Street theater event and exhibition will be shown on major environmental festival close to the Brandenburger Tor. On the 8th at 19:00 info an discussion night in Der Mehringhof.

June 9-10th: Templin (Brandenburg, D) Near the village of Hassleben mr. van Gennip is waiting for permission to keep 85.000 pigs. Of course quite a few people in the area are not very pleased about this and the Kontra Industrieschwein organisation is intending to put a stop to van Gennips expansion dreams. The ‘non-commercial agriculture project’ of Lokomotiv Karlshof will be visited.

June 11-12th: Immenrode (Thuringen, D)
15.000 pigs, van Asten.
In the afternoon on the 12th there will be the theatre act on the streets and at 18:00 an information event at will take place in Gaststätte Immenrode.

June 14-15th: Alkersleben (Thuringen, D) Poels, 20.000 pigs.

June 19-20th: Grubbenvorst (Limburg, NL). Plans for a new ‘mixed farm’ with 35.000 pigs, 1,2 million chickens, a slaughterhouse, a composting company and a bio fermentation plant. Organisation ‘ Behoud de Parel’  aims to keep the area livable.

Juni 24-25th : Sterksel/Chijnsgoed (Noord-Brabant, NL). Van Asten wants to move one pig farm to Sterksel and start up wit 6000 sows, 480 piglets and 12 uncastrated male pigs.
Van Asten keeps another 6000 sows and 5700 fattening pigs in Germany. Pig keeper van Gennip also owns land close to Sterksel. Local organisation ‘Chijnsgoed in Gevaar’ tries to keep the area clean and open.