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Accessibility at the FAF#8

Our policy

We are striving to accommodate everyone and ensure we can all be comfortable and have fun. Here you can find our key accessibility points for navigating the festival. For more general information on accessibility, please read our Safer Space Guide here.

Please reach out to us at info@aseed.net, if you have any additional questions or requests!


  • We will ask for a donation (up to €12) per person at the entrance to cover the costs of organizing the festival. If someone cannot afford this, we will not refuse them entry.
  • Meal tokens will be €0-€5 per meal.
  • Economic accessibility also means collecting donations to compensate the workshop givers who share their time and energy with us.


  • The location is reachable by public transport, by bike and by car.
  • Car parking at the festival will be only for people with disabilities / urgent need for parking. These will be clearly marked.
  • The driveway is downhill and bumpy.
  • Stalls and eating areas will be on concrete.
  • The workshop space will be reachable via accessible paths.
  • The wheelchair-accesible toilet is the one at the left of the Machinegebouw. It’s accesible, but narrow, so you might need support.


  • We will have seats reserved at the front of workshop spaces for people with hearing difficulties.
  • We invite participants to think about the space they and their privileges take up, leaving room for others and their needs.
  • Workshops will be in English or in Dutch with live translation (English/Dutch).
  • We will notify speakers and presenters that they should avoid turning their back to the audience and to repeat audience questions.


Families are part of the food sovereignty movement!

  • Children are welcome at the festival. There will be an area run by volunteers with workshops, activities and materials for different ages.
  • Some general workshops will be kids-friendly, too.
  • If your kid cannot be by themself, a caretaker should be with them.
  • There are large water reservoirs with a one meter concrete fence around them. Please be careful with children there.
  • Breast-feeding can be done everywhere in the festival, if you need a more private space the low-sensory area is an option. There will be a changing table available.