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Action camps and biketours in 2014

earthjfirst2014Once again this summer, it will be possible to cycle and camp for a good cause. Often this is a more interesting way to spend your time than going to the beach or a commercial music festival, isn’t it?[:]

July 7-15

Reclaim the Fields Camp

Sehlis/ Taucha near Leipzig in Germany

A protest camp against a new high way and for Food Sovereignty


July 11 – September 30

Ecotopia Biketour from Sofia to Athens

DIY cycling for environmental action



July 26 – August 3

Climate Camp im Rheinland

Against the mining and use of coal (Braunkohle) in the region west from Köln.

http://www.klimacamp-im-rheinland.de and http://www.klimacamp.ausgeco2hlt.de

August 1–3

Krieg dem Krieg – Antimilitarism Campaign, Dortmund

War against war! For the social revolution! 100 years after the start of the first world war anarchists organise a three day meeting for peace and against militarism, nationalism and capitalism.


August 2 – 31 September

Velo Karawane

Biketour from Geneva in Switzerland to the international Degrowth conference in Leipzig (Germany)


velokaravaneAugust 11-17

We are FanFest: A revolutionary festival made in Rosia Montana

FânFest is the biggest multi-art activist festival in Romania which started with a community’s struggle to protect their land and inspired a generation.


RTP-2014-212x300August 14-20

Reclaim Power Action Camp (Blackpool, England)

The action camp that, in the previous years, has been campaigning succesfully against fracking for winning of shale gas in England, will settle down at Blackpool to support local action groups.


August 16-24

Lausitzer Climate and Energy Camp (Germany)



August 23

Human chain against brown coal (Lausitz, Germany)

An action day for the energy revolution and a future without brown coal.


August 28-31

Earth First UK Summer Gathering

A camp in the South West of England for people involved in radical green direct action.


September 2 – 6

Degrowth Conference

The Fourth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity. Gathering in Leipzig about the many alternatives for the problematic economic growth.


If you miss important events in this list, please let us know at info@aseed.net