Actions to stop Straathofs mega pigstables

Guerrilla Gardening in the Dutch Betuwe: Animal industry equals animal suffering, climate disaster, and deforrestation.

Friday April 17, 2009 – 40 activists of the group ‘Stop Straathof’ made a vegetable garden on the terrain where agro-industrialist Straathof plans to expand one of his many pig farms. The action was a protest against the animal industry and accompanying soy production for animal feed, that causes a lot of suffering in South America.

The atmosphere was a little tense at first as the activists – dressed as pigs and farmers – had to use a back track to trick the police that were on guard. After reaching the location the digging and planting of vegetables and fruit trees started straightaway. Although three of the company’s employees needed to be calmed down, it seemed the local police did not like Straathof very much; the protest activities were not interrupted. After the hard labour was done, the protestors were on their way to the local towns of Erichem and Buren on the beats of the Rhythms of Resistance action sambaband, spreading flyers as they went. Rebelact’s play showed how big capital exploits animals and farmers alike. At the local supermarket and primary school a small manifestation took place with tasty food, music and a photo exhibition about soy production and the animal industry. Everyone in Buren knows the pig farm of Straathof and the stench it spreads, and most people would like to see the company leave. A flyer was handed out describing the general problems related to animal feed production and animal suffering, offering local people even more arguments against Straathof’s pig farms and meat production in general.

This date, April 17th, is the International Day of Peasant Struggle, declared as such by Via Campesina, a worldwide network of peasant organisations.

A link to more pictures of this action.

Op dezelfde dag werd ook in Duitsland actie gevoerd tegen Straathof en tegen megastallen en sojaplantages. Een fotoreportage is te vinden op Umbruch Bildarchiv.

At the same day the Aktionsnetwerk Globale Landwirtschaft did an action against a new pig Stable from Straathof in Germany. Have a look at the picture gallery.