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ASEED has new neighbours: Taste Before You Waste

taste-before-you-wasteTaste Before You Waste, an innovative and enthusiastic initiative and non-profit-organisation, recently moved to the Plantagedok in Amsterdam. With them, we at ASEED have new neighbours who are taking action against food waste what is, in every case, related to our main goals of creating food sovereignty and protest against our ongoing agricultural system in general.

Empowering action and consciousness about food waste is an important sign against the food industry that relies on making profit through a high consumption of agricultural products. Food overproduction leads to more and more intensification of agriculture on more acres – not for feeding the people, but feeding the purses of shareholders of big companies within the agricultural sector. It is not possible to unload the responsibility of food waste on someone in particular, but it is the whole value chain of food that needs to reduce food waste, from big companies or supermarkets to the consumers. Regarding to this, building up a critical mass bottom-up for a conscious handling with food is a great way of protest, anyway.

Taste Before You Waste was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam and started this year with plenty of new projects and ideas. Their work contains picking up food from stores in Amsterdam that does not look like the `norm`, has failures in the package or cannot be sold for some reason anymore – and would otherwise be wasted. This food, mostly consisting of various vegetables, fruits and bread, is used for a Free Food Market, where people can do their `groceries` for free. Their weekly community dinner takes place every Wednesday in the Dokhuis, driven by the cooking team and volunteers, who create new recipes and cook with the saved food. But not enough: they started with workshops about global food markets and systemic overproduction and filling pupils of all ages with enthusiasm about bread saving and engagement on food issues.

If you would like to join their regular program, here are the dates:

  • Every Tuesday Food Cycle Market, from 17.00 – 19.00, Dokhuis, Plantage Doklaan 8-12, Amsterdam.
  • Every Wednesday the weekly community dinner, doors open at 18.30, mostly vegan and based on donation, Dokhuis

More information about workshops, other markets or activities of Taste Before You Waste or if you want to join, contact them on info@tastebeforeyouwaste.org or visit their website on: http://tastebeforeyouwaste.com/.