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ASEED Podcast 2.0: “Gender & Agriculture” with Ann and Annie

Here is our second episode of our ASEED podcast, related to our bi-monthly theme “Gender & Agriculture”.
In the last two months we set up a reading group, a documentary night and a talk related to gender&agriculture / ecofeminism. Now our podcast is out again! For this reason we invited Annie and Ann from PLUK (http://plukcsa.nl/en/home/), two female farmers, to share their experiences related to farming in Amsterdam and being a woman who farms, with us.
If you want to find out why we think that it is relevant to discuss gender issues around agiruclture, then go ahead and listen to our newest episode!
First we give some background information about the relevance of the topic. Then Ann and Annie introduce themeselves and share their motiavtion of being a farmer with us. Next we dive a little deeper into the struggles of farming organically on a small scale and how women are disadvantaged in our food system. Last we try to come up with some ideas and suggestions of what has to change in order to achieve a fairer, gender equal and organic food system. 

We hope that you liked it and feel just inspired as we do to go out on the streets and demand a better, fairer and environmentally friendly food system! Get your fruits & veggies and join our team!

Do you have ideas for future speakers / topics / feeback about how to improve our podcast skills?

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