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Climate Action Camp Leuven: Parkveld is occupied!

During the night at August 2 (2012) climate activists have put up their tents on the Parkveld in Heverlee (Leuven). On this spot the Climate Action Camp will take place from August 3 till 8. During those 5 days activists from Belgium and abroad will come together to debate, exchange knowledge and experiences and to live in a climate neutral, vegan and direct democratic way. Together some direct actions will be planned. The camp wants to get attention for the dirty investments by the big banks in Belgium.[:]

The Climate Action Camp did choose Parkveld for a location randomly. Above this agricultural area of 15ha along the Geldenaaksebaan a dark cloud has been hanging for years. The local authorities want to redesignate it and fill it up with corporate and residential buildings. The climate action camp stands for the preservation of agricultural land in and around cities and thinks that urban agriculture will be crucial if towns like Leuven want to become climate-neutral in the future. The camp will take place on a part of Parkveld that was already bought by construction company Extensa, which is eager to bring in the concrete mixers. It is a beautiful and green camp location.

How to get to the camp?

Parkveld is a large agriculture area on the right of the Geldenaaksebaan, coming from the direction of Leuven (opposite Sint Albertuscollege). On the website of Belgian Climate Justice Action there are more details on how to get there by public transport, bike or car, including a map with the site marked in black.