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The strategy of the curved cucumbers

krumme-gurken-title-300A new documentary about a garden coop near Freiburg A movie screening at Vokomokum German language with English subtitles Date: Friday October 25th Start time : 20:00 (length about 1 hour) Address: Plantage Doklaan 8, Amsterdam Original title: ‘die Strategie der krummen Gurken’


krumme-gurken-meeting-300The garden coop in Freiburg has created a successful model of solidary agriculture in practice. About 260 members share the responsibility for a vegetable farm outside the town and share together the costs and the risks of the company. the whole harvest – good or bad, curved or straight – is divided amongst the members. The project produces organic agriculture and seasonal products, uses 100% stable (non-hybrid) seeds, and has short transport distances, a solidarity economy where peoples financial contribution depends on their means, collective ownership and the enlarging of the knowledge, skills and consciousness of the members. krumme-gurken-transport-300The documentary introduces you to the motivation and methods of the gardeners and other members of the cooperation. It shows people that are creating something that is opposing the power of agri-multinationals during economically turbulent times-the strategy of the curved cucumbers. ‘die Strategie der krummen Gurken’ is a Cine Rebelde Production made by Sylvain Darou and Luciano Ibarra. 2013, 64 Min. www.cinerebelde.org and www.gartencoop.org/tunsel/film