From NL to DE: Take a ride with us to Ende Gelände!

This October 25th-29th, thousands of people will gather for the next Ende Gelände mass civil disobedience protest. We will be using our bodies and stand in the way of the gigantic coal … verder lezen

Solidarity with Hambach Forest! Stop Climate change!

From the threatened Lutkemeerpolder in Amsterdam we stand in solidarity with everyone fighting to protect the Hambach Forest, which is at this moment being destroyed by RWE and the German state. Hambach … verder lezen

Action Camp in the Lutkemeerpolder

Come and camp in the Lutkemeer while it is still possible… Since this Amsterdam polder is threatened to disappear in exchange for yet another unnecessary company terrain. For this reason, a widely … verder lezen

A Note from the Food Autonomy Festival#2

On May 26th, the 2nd edition of the Food Autonomy Festival took place. A special mention for all the participants: speakers, collectives, workshop facilitators, cooks, veg choppers, bar folk, seed-swappers, musicians, funds … verder lezen

Code Red in the Summer of 2017

On Saturday June 24 there has been ‘Code Rood‘ in the Amsterdam Harbour. No Code Red because of the heat wave and fire dangers, but code red because the OBA (Bulk Terminal … verder lezen

The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) | May 6th

The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) Amsterdam is about presenting and celebrating alternatives and resistance to the state and corporate-controlled industrial food system. Come join us for a day of learning practical skills … verder lezen

Ground Control action camp report

After many memorable gatherings last summer, the action camps season is now over for good. It is high time to make a short report about Ground Control, the agriculture and climate action … verder lezen

The Ground Control Camp has started!

The Agriculture and Climate Action Camp Ground Control has started some days ago, each day more people join and the atmosphere is super good. Here you can find the location. From Sunday … verder lezen

Ground Control – an agriculture & climate action camp

An agriculture and climate action action camp is being prepared by a motivated team… Ground Control -that’s its name-, will take place near Amsterdam between July 1st and 8th.… verder lezen

‘Coal Busters’ take action against polluting coal in the Amsterdam Harbour

[only available in Dutch] In de vroege ochtend van 13 mei heeft een groep actievoerders een transportband van de Nuon kolencentrale bezet en daar een banner met de tekst ‘STOP COAL” opgehangen. … verder lezen

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