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Discussion evening about Food Collectives in Amsterdam

mkzOn Saturday the 29th of November all food collectives from Amsterdam are invited to present themselves at in MKZ. There will be a discussion about the goals and practices of the different food coops.

Opens at: 19:00
Start of the presentation and discussion around 20:30
Entrance: free (the optional food will be cheap)

Address: MKZ, 1e Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam

A longer explanation about the topic and the programme of the evening:

The past 50 years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in farming productivity, encouraged by the words, more, faster, cheaper. But this has come at a cost – to our health, to our earth, and to our once-thriving agricultural diversity.
The industrial food chain is tangled. Chemically-treated, highly-processed, nutritionally-poor foods are often presented as convenient and tasty options. We’re beginning to see the results of this unsustainable system – a system that has contributed to the degradation of our agricultural heartland, waterways and overall public health.

We reject the idea that consumers have no choice beyond “industrial food” and its ill effects on our health and the environment. We offer a different approach: local & sustainably-grown agriculture – connecting people directly to the growers and artisans responsible for their food.

Food Collectives are organizations promoting local and organic food at the grass-root level and can be the alternative to the current food industry.

Come on Saturday 29th of November to MKZ and meet some of the local food collectives in Amsterdam.

We will have the chance to listen how they operate, the difficulties they face and their vision on how to evolve.
Apart from the advantages of low prices and creation of an alternative market with no middlemen; let’s explore together if we can find ways to improve the practices towards a more direct, horizontal organization structure of these collectives and those of suppliers as well.

Check www.meissie-mou.net for more info.