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Docu: Farmer and the Gene

(Nederland, 2008, Dumitriu/Verbeek)

ASEED’s documentary on genetic engineering in Dutch agricluture “Farmer and the Gene” is now available on dvd, waiting to be sold! To order contact info@aseed.net or call our office  +31 (0) 638366748. The price of one copy is 7,50,- plus mailing costs.
In Amsterdam, the DVD is available for sale also at the International Bookshop Het Fort van Sjakoo, Jodenbreestraat 24 (near Waterlooplein).

The film
The Dutch government is exploring the opportunities of genetic manipulation in agriculture. It seems the right way to go in a country which relies on such an industrialized farming system. But how ready are Dutch farmers to take over the new technology? Starting from the expectations and concerns of different farmers, the documentary explores issues like: environmental and health safety of GM crops and coexistence of GM crops next to conventional and organic crops. Can different methods of food production exist together in a small country like The Netherlands or are they incompatible?

Click here to download the reader.