Donate in December and we’ll receive double!

ASEED needs support to continue fighting against corporate-controlled agriculture and to support local, sustainable, people-powered initiatives to grow and distribute food.

Would you like to support ASEED’s work? Now is the time! During December any money you donate to ASEED through Patagonia Action Works will be matched by Patagonia!

Got €10? They’ll make it €20.
Got €20? They’ll make it €40.
Got €200? They’ll make it €400.

It’s simple: just click on the picture below and follow the instructions. You can also tell your friends, those who insist on spending money on presents for Christmas. Give them the link and they can use the option “make a gift” to donate in your name and let you know.


Donate to ASEED through Patagonia

Big or small, every little bit counts to help keep us in a position to support those who come give workshops with us. To help subsidize travel for those working on organizing direct actions or attending them. To keep up on researching the faults of industrial agriculture and the ways forward without it!

So if you need to spend some money this month please consider spending it on grassroots organizations, like ASEED.

Thank you, and we wish you happy holidays!