It is possible to support ASEED long-term, which gives us extra certainty about our income. If you have a European bank account you have the option to mandate ASEED to withdraw your donation periodically from your bank account – an action that gives us more long-term financial security but is also more time-consuming. You can stop this mandate at any moment but note that it cannot start until we have received a signed confirmation from you.

To arrange the mandate to withdraw a donation from your bank account, please print out, sign and send us this form.  Once we have received this form your authorisation is valid and your donation will be withdrawn from your bank on the agreed moments. You can at any moment cancel the authorisation and it is also possible to request money back that has already been taken from your account.

As a regular donor, we will be happy to inform you per email about important campaign activities and maybe you would like to receive our quarterly digital newsletter SEEDmail? If this sounds interesting or if you have any questions about donating, please contact us on

Thanks in advance from the whole ASEED team!