Find here an overview of the events ASEED is participating in and / or organising in 2018/19 in the frame of the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign. ASEED’s involvement in these events varies from simply joining and supporting other organisations and their campaigns, to giving presentations, or being the organiser. It is possible to join us at any event you are interested in, no matter what your level of experience or knowledge is. We are glad to meet or welcome everyone who thinks that a fossil-fuel-dependent agriculture needs to stop!

September 2019. From the NL to Free the Soil mass action & camp (date tbc)

[Brunsbüttel, Germany] Free the Soil is a campaign to expose the devastating practices and impacts of industrial agriculture and the major role this industry plays in the escalating climate crisis. Free the Soil is providing information, calls to action and organizes a mass action and camp in September 2019 to denounce industrial agriculture and the synthetic fertilizer industry. We encourage you and your group to take part in this struggle! Join the next organizers meeting in Berlin, January 18-20 / 2019!

Past events and actions:

23/05 FINAL Food Autonomy Festival Meeting

[Amsterdam/ 6 pm] The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) is right around the corner – and we would be so grateful for your help to make this amazing event happen! A few more logistic decisions have to be made and roles being distributed. It would be so great if you like to take a small or – of course – bigger task or just come by and hear where we still need help. Then there is nothing in the way anymore of an unforgettable festival. We encourage everyone to bring some nice vegan snacks to share, no obligation, of course!

31/05-02/06. 2019 Food Autonomy Festival

[Boterbloem farm /Amsterdam] The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) Amsterdam is about presenting and celebrating alternatives and resistance to the state and corporate-controlled industrial food system. Come join us for a weekend of learning practical skills for growing (or finding…) your own food, to hear peoples’ experiences of gaining access to land, of building alternatives and forging resistance, to dance to thrashy folk-punk, and to share in the collective enthusiasm for an autonomous future!