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SEEDMail #49 Direct action – What is it and how can it be effective?

After a busy September and start of October, we’ve slowed down this month with our direct actions and taken some time to reflect on the topic. We’ve had stands and workshops at the Anarchist Bookfair and Open Source Seeds event.

The reading group has been restarted with large attendance and fruitful discussions on violent and non-violent direct action. We held a discussion at De Fabriek Volkskammer on climate rhetoric and diversity of tactics.

Finally some of the team attended the Free the Soil plenum in Copenhagen, Denmark and others attended a week long study session on activism in all its forms in Strasbourg, France.

This newsletter contains a list of our upcoming events, some reports on our experiences of last month and some more information about our Fossil Free Agriculture campaign.



— Upcoming events —


November 13-15: RICO x RIETveld: Connecting South & North

Roeskestraat 96, Amsterdam
There will be three sessions of collective elaboration and reflection, delving in to issues of climate and social (in)justice. More information on our website.

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November 16: ASEED @ the LCOY: Fossil Free Agriculture

Science Park 113, Amsterdam
In this session, we’ll engage in a conversation about industrial agriculture and different ways to dismantle the fossil fuel-powered industrial food system. For more information check out the website.

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November 20: Benefit Dinner & Docu Screening for RICO

NieuwLand, Amsterdam / 18:00-21:30 PM
ASEED will cohost a vegan benefit dinner on donation with RICO, a platform for better connecting Global South and Global North struggles. The focus will be on Guatemala.

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November 27: Reading group: Indigenous resistance

Reading group:
Social & environmental justice

[Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam / 19:30-21:30 PM] We will discuss different readings on social & environmental justice. More information on readings coming soon on our website.

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— News and reports —


Onze artikelen over Free the Soil

Read the full article here.


Reading group on violent vs. non-violent disobedience

Read the full article here.


Experiences from a study session on youth activism

Read the full article here.


— What is the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign? —

With this campaign we aim to expose the corporations profiting from the industrial agriculture system. These corporations contribute a substantial amount to the climate crisis and take a disproportionate amount of the wealth. To learn more about this read the full story here.

We currently have bi-monthly themes for our discussion nights, reading groups and online articles. A full overview of our ideas for upcoming themes will be updated next week on our FFA page. In addition to this, we conduct direct actions independently or with other collectives such as Free the Soil and Behoud Lutkemeer.

September, October & November are the months of the theme direct action. This was decided in the last open campaign meeting and all experiences within this topic can be read about in this newsletter or on the website. The next open campaign meeting will be in January 2020 so contact us at info@aseed.net to join us in the movement to protect our veggies and our planet!


— Donations —

It is almost the end of the year and some people are already thinking about Sinterklaas or Chritsmas celebrations. We have an idea to help everyone escape the race for useless and polluting presents: tell your friends and family they can donate to ASEED instead of buying material goods. How brillant is that? Here is the link to share for donations, thank you!