Find here an overview of the events ASEED is participating in and / or organising in 2019/20 under the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign.

ASEED’s involvement in these events varies from simply joining and supporting other organisations and their campaigns, to giving presentations, or being the organiser. It is possible to join us at any event you are interested in, no matter what your level of experience or knowledge is. We are glad to meet or welcome everyone who thinks that a fossil-fuel-dependent agriculture needs to stop!


Upcoming events:

8-10/11 Climate Justice Action (CJA) meeting

CJA meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia [link]

It’s that time of year again where after the summer camps/actions it’s time to link up and get together for some more fun and games, CJA style! After Basel, Switzerland in March now it’s time for a new city/venue in Bratislava, Slovakia. Some ASEED comrades will attend this meeting!

Expect (the unexpected) and of course some plenary sessions, smaller group sessions and a great chance to meet others and network, learn from each other, share our experiences and prepare for the months ahead.
Send an email to  if you want/need more information


2/11 Anarchist bookfair 

Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam / 10:00-23:00 [FB event]
Again this year ASEED will be participating at the Anarchist Book Fair. So come by to collect some of our material, have a chat or maybe eat a delicious waffle with us. We would be delighted to have some more volunteers, if that sounds like something for you please reach out to us.
Email me at


2/11 Open Source Event 2019

Loc Source Library, Tilburg 12:00am-4:00pm [link]
The fourth Open Source Event is happening once more at the Loc Source Library, in Tilburg. It is an interesting day of workshops, debates and sharing skills around the open source topic. The event tocuh these topics from different prespectives;from design to fashion passing from music and open source society initiatives.
ASEED will be hosting a discussion on Seeds as an Open Source and how to design a decentralize city-seed bank.


30/10 Reading group – Non-violence & diversity of tactics

Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam / 19:00
The Fossil Free Agriculture reading group is starting up again.  For the next two months the theme will be Direct Action.  We would like to foster discussions about theories and practices related to direct action. Reading groups will take place every last Wednesday of the month. For readings and topics check the website or facebook. Got input?

Email us at


Past events

17/10 Voku at de Fabriek Volkskamer: benefit for We Squash!

Volkskammer, De Fabriek, Amsterdam / 18:00 [FB event] 
Doors open at 18:00 and delicious veggie dinner cooked by ASEED served at 19:00.
After the dinner, everyone is invited for an open discussion about “Climate justice rhetorics and a diversity of tactics”. This is inspired by seeing the diversification of rhetorics & tactics used in recent actions. So please come, share and listen. Want to help cook?

Email us at


21/10 From Seed To Seed Documentary at Taste Before You Waste

Plantage Doklaan Cafe, Amsterdam / 18:30-21:30 [FB event]

During the Wasteless Culture Mondays of Taste Before You Waste, the documentary “From Seed to Seed” will be screened and ASEED will be facilitating the discussion happening after.

10/08  Open Campaign Meeting Fossil Free Agriculture Campaign

Join us for our next Fossil Free Agriculture Campaign meeting.

The meeting will begin at 19:00 with a debrief about Free the Soil.
Then we’ll open the discussion of where we head next and which themes we want to focus on in the upcoming months.

Join us for a creative brainstorming process, get inspired and meet new people!

This meeting will take place in the ASEED office at the Plantage Doklaan.

See you on Tuesday!


10/12  Big Demonstration for the Lutkemeerpolder

The Lutkemeerpolder is an ancient 42-hectare area of agricultural land near Osdorp on the outskirts of Amsterdam the city council wants to destroy in favour of a distributioncentre.
Saturday 12 October from 2-4 p.m. is the last chance to make it clear that citizens of Amsterdam will not accept that the only remaining organic farmland in Amsterdam is buried under construction sand.

So put on your boots, take a spade and a ball of garlic: together we will fill the polder with plants again. Help us mobilize, tell about it and take people with you!
After the planting and shovel action there is time for music, a drink and some fun.


Summer actions

The climate crisis is worsening. Politics & economy drive us into the abyss. But our obedience becomes disobedient, Europe-wide! Join the upcoming climate camps, there are lots to choose from.

17/07 – 21/07 2nd Polish Climate Camp against brown coal

17/07 – 21/07 Action Camp against fossil gas, Portugal

26/07 – 31/07 Power Beyond Borders

[Close to London] Reclaim the Power is taking direct action this summer against the new gas fired power stations fuelling the climate crisis, and training up to take action on the UK’s Hostile Environment for migrants. The mass action camp will equip you to get involved in a way that works for you. The camp will be at a secret location in the South East of England, within reach of London. We will let you know exactly where nearer the time. Entry is on donation, plus donations to cover food.

03/08 – 12/08 Climate Camp Leipziger Land, Germany

12/08 – 18/08 Climate Camp RadiAction, France

15/08 – 27/08 Climate Camp Rhineland, Germany

04/09 – 08/09 Climate Camp Venice

04/09 – 08/09 Brussels Climate Justice Camp

12/09 – 15/09 Blockade of the International Motor Show (IAA)

19/09 – 25/09 Free the Soil mass action & camp

[Brunsbüttel, Germany] Free the Soil is a campaign to expose the devastating practices and impacts of industrial agriculture and the major role this industry plays in the escalating climate crisis. Free the Soil is providing information, calls to action and organizes a mass action and camp in September 2019 to denounce industrial agriculture and the synthetic fertilizer industry. We encourage you and your group to take part in this struggle! Join the next organizers meeting!

27/09 Earth Strike – global strike against climate crisis