Red Line in front of Danone Head Quarters

cop21-danone-banners-1000On December 9 an action took place at the headquarters of Danone (a large French agribusiness, well known for its dairy products and bottled waters like Evian) in Paris. A red line was painted in front of the building on the pavement and some windows also received a splash of paint. Simultaneously, a long line of red banners depicting the problems caused by industrial agriculture were held in front of the building. Many people from the international network of peasant farmers La Via Campesina took part alongside ASEED and friends – calling for food sovereignty and “food system change not climate change”. The action took place as planned, during which time there were short speeches and flyers were handed out to the public passing by. Red stickers and posters with the slogan ┬ĘThis company is as green as this sticker/poster” were stuck to the building – in line with the anti-greenwashing message. After the action was over, the police arrived (a little too late).

global-justice-allianceMigrant Justice Action
As part of the Peasant Agriculture and Food Sovereignty day nearly 200 grassroots activists converged and marched, chanted, and sang with colourful banners, posters and outside the Vincennes detention centre in Paris where several immigrants are illegally detained by the French government. Many immigrants are part of a new wave of farmer migrants who are the victims of land grabbing and climate devastation.

More about that action you can find on the website of the Social Justice network It Takes Roots: Link:


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