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FAF#7: Amsterdam Location

Where will we meet for this year’s Food Autonomy Festival Amsterdam?

This year’s FAF Amsterdam will be hosted at ADM Noord (Het Groene Veld)! Entrance is through Buikslotermeerdijk 95.

What is ADM Noord?

The ADM was an organically grown self-regulating squat in the western harbours of Amsterdam where more than 100 people were settled for 21 years. It got brutally evicted in January 2019. The ADM’ers are now scattered all over Amsterdam, but a group of 40 is based on the Sludgefields in Amsterdam Noord building a new cultural free zone.

How to get there?

From Amsterdam Centraal station

By bike: Take a ferry from outside of the station to Buiksloterweg, from there continue on Landelijke Fietsroute7 Oeverlandroute/Buiksloterdijk which will bring you all the way to Buikslotermeerdijk 95, that is the location of the festival. The whole route is about 5,5km.

Public transport & walking: Take a metro nr 52 in the direction Noord for two stops, until Noord station. Then walk for about 1,7km.

Walking: An adventurous 5,3km walk! Take a ferry to Buisloterweg, then continue north in the direction of Buiksloterdijk until the festival location.