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FAF#8: International Solidarity space – statement

At the Food Autonomy Festival, we gather to address the political struggles related to food and agriculture with the goal of strengthening our resistance to the state and corporate-controlled industrial food system.

Fighting for a just food system means fighting against all forms of oppression and domination

The FAF is a grassroots gathering where we can connect with each other in the fight for a just food system and build solidarity with other struggles for justice.

We believe that a just food system can only be created if different levels of oppression and inequalities are fought simultaneously. Today, the food system reflects society where capitalism is the director, patriarchy the writer and colonialism the producer (among other oppressive systems). To fight for a just food system, therefore, means taking an anticapitalist, decolonial, intersectional stance, paying attention to the different oppressions that are keeping these systems running.

Getting together to talk about food autonomy allows for conversations about autonomy in many ways, how to achieve this and which oppressive systems need to be destroyed on the way there. That is, food autonomy can only be achieved if the climate crisis is fought, the patriarchy is smashed, ableism deconstructed, capitalism is destroyed, colonialism demolished… and so on. This is why we want the FAF to be a place where we can fight for agricultural  justice, climate justice, food autonomy and overall systemic justice. In doing so, we strive in both our perspectives and practices to challenge racism, sexism, coloniality, and oppression in all its forms.

The FAF stands wholly in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation

The topics surrounding food justice are always important — but let us remember that food is the first frontier. Food has been weaponized countless times by (settler) colonial regimes throughout history to control and to kill. We encourage speakers to hold space in their sessions for a broader decolonial consciousness and take efforts to keep their sessions grounded in current realities and in the genocide(s) happening on the ground.

The organization of this festival has been greatly affected by the ongoing genocide in Gaza and developments of Palestinian solidarity efforts in Amsterdam. We want to use the festival space to support Palestinian resistance and solidarity. We will have a Palestinian solidarity space in which comrades and allies can go to talk, plan, think, and relax. We invite people to organize their own trainings and discussions, or use the space in another way that fits the needs of the moment best. Contact us with any suggestions or questions.

ASEED and the FAF stand wholly in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination. This includes, among other things specified in our safer space guide, racism, xenophobia, and antisemitism. The awareness team will be present in yellow vests.

To highlight how the Palestinian struggle is a central topic in food justice and international solidarity, ASEED has published multiple brochures with more information and resources that you can find here and here.