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FAF#8 stalls

At the Food Autonomy Festival this year we will be hosting some stalls of different organisations throughout the 3 days! Bellow you can find more information about them!


Stichting Boerengroep works adjacent to the agricultural university in Wageningen. Through the means of exchanges between farmers and students, as well as lectures, debates, film screenings and workshops, we connect theory with practice and try to challenge the colonial and neoliberal practices and discourse that the university produces through its agricultural research and education. This summer we are organising the 11th edition of the Farm Experience Internship, a 1-month agroecology course during which we will dive into agroecology as a movement and practice. Come find us!

Geef Tegengas

Geef Tegengas! We are in a crisis. Fossil companies are making billions on the backs of people worldwide. As our energy bills rise and the Global South is plundered, giant fossil polluters get richer and richer. Natural disasters and droughts cause thousands of deaths every year. Fossil fuel extraction and emissions lead to health problems, destruction of communities and loss of land.
With lies that gas is a clean fuel, the government and fossil industry justify the expansion of even móre destructive infrastructure. This is how they chain us to fossil for decades to come.
We will not let this happen. We are standing up to resist with an action camp from August 28 to September 1, 2024 in the port of Rotterdam, the epicenter of pollution in the Netherlands. Together we will make the government and the gas industry feel that we will no longer put up with this devastating policy.
The action camp will have action and workshops and is for everyone who wants to fight against the bullshit of the fossil industry and put this problem on the map in a big way.

Het Fort Van Sjakoo

Bookshop “het Fort van Sjakoo” is located in the center of Amsterdam since 1977. The building was squatted as part of a wider protest on the route of a planned highway right through the inner-city Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood, and is legalized since 1988.
The bookshop is run by a collective of 10 volunteers. We are there to provide you with information ranging from the latest news and publications to background info and history. Aside from our wide selection of libertarian, political and sociocritical literature, we also focus on foreign publications, music and magazines. Come and visit us! If you’re looking for something special, we will try to find it for you.


Pirtuxhane is an organization that deals with ecological issues and gender equality. In this context, we organize meetings and events. In addition, we also work on raising awareness through education and also have books in this context.


Paper Jam is an anarchist printing collective that fights against the white supremacist cis-hetero-patriarchical ableist ecocidal capitalist global empire. We print all different kinds of products with different materials from flyers and posters to zines and we even bind books. We work on a donation base so everyone can determine what they want to give according to their abilities.

Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte

Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte is a lively permaculture project with a vegetable garden and a food forest in the Amsterdam Science Park. Our focus is on increasing biodiversity, sustainable food production, education and social engagement.


Joop Reichenfeld is a creative herbal woman. “I especially like to be busy outside. I have more than 35 years of experience with gardening. “my first ‘house” was an allotment house on VTV the Wilgentuin in Rotterdam.” Tuinjoop T-huis and the herb cans garden can now be found on the edge of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, near the Maasuiter floodpards. Joop is a doer; learning by being practically busy is her starting point. She also gives the practical workshops in the field of art, creativity, herbs & nature.

A stall for my green books and seeds. At Tuinjoop you find more info and you can see my assortment.
My motto: eet smakelijk uit eigen tuin

Rens Spanjaard

We invite you to Befriend your local ecology by exploring wild foods and forage for local plant medicines that strengthen your relationship to the earth. Find out more here!

Stichting Zaadgoed

Stichting Zaadgoed was established to promote organic seed growing and breeding. It does this in part by supporting concrete breeding activities for and by organic growers and breeders. In addition, the foundation is committed to preserving the diversity of crops and varieties in agriculture.

Green Ass Garden

Home made herbal ointments and tinctures from the local garden “Green Ass Garden” at ADM Noord. Green Ass Garden consists of three spaces with different functions: In the Vegetable garden with the Geodesic Dome as a greenhouse, we grow more rare veggies from different cultures from seed. In the Food Forest border, wild medicinal plants are growing together in groups which offer similar health benefits. On Het Groene Veld, the area around the water basins is developing as an edible park landscape.

Alon’s Pickles

We’re Alon’s Pickles. We ferment local, organically grown vegetables in wooden barrels and ceramic crocks. We sell them in person on markets, on the street, by delivery and to restaurants. Probiotic, Farmer Friendly, Socially Minded, Sustainably and lovingly made Pickles. We believe fermenting local food can be a tool for change, from big to small: Healthy Digestive Systems – Healthy Food Systems – Healthy Society – Healthy Planet

Futuro Vegetal

Futuro Vegetal is a civil disobedience and direct action collective that fights against the Climate Crisis by adopting a plant-based food system. They will have a stand to display T-shirts, leaflets and stickers at free prices to raise funds given the repressive times we are living in.