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Film: “Roundup Ready Nation”

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Introduction by film maker Pamela Drew:
“Special focus is given to our fellow Americans in Hawaii. They serve to highlight the biggest threats of unregulated biotech to culture, human health and the environment. Moreover, they embody inspirational spirit as individuals join together to challenge the corporate rulers to honor the laws of Nature.

One of the most startling revelations in making of the film was, everywhere we found people who were aware of the gmos we found an organized effort to resist. Biotech success hinges on an uninformed American public but the secret is leaking out; there is a group fighting for the right to swallow pure food and they are in every corner of the globe. Everyone is waiting for the American consumers to awaken and weigh in.

We hope that the new year brings the activists everywhere closer together and the Roundup Ready Nation will stand up to the corporate government in Washington to say, “enough is enough, we are millions against force feeding seeds of profits. We’re mad as hell and not going to swallow any more”. If you have an appetite for rants, check my GLiving blog/news section. I would like to invite others to send news to add to the site, which gets about 15 million visitors a month.

Beyond gmo news, GLiving looks for good sustainable products and solutions from grass roots groups and small fair trade sources. We will be adding a special video section to the gmo news. The launch of the film site resulted in videos being sent to me from budding directors and private projects and some are too wonderful not to share. The initial feature will be from students in Vermont who produced their own, short film on gmo issues and it is an outstanding way to kick off the new year. Citizen journalism and our youth are the future.

This is the food fight we’ve been gearing up for and the gloves are off. Like the people of Hawaii, we will fight until we save our taro, which you learn in the film is symbolic of Mother Earth and victory is the only option. Wishes for a blessed holiday to all.”

Blog of the producer Pamela Drew: http://pameladrew.newsvine.com/

See the trailer here.