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Food Autonomy Festival #5 – A quick throwback

We are looking back to two wonderful Food Autonomy Festival #5 weekends, with lots of great conversations, moments of shared laughter and joy, learning about building alternative food systems and taking down the destructive ones?✊ Thanks to all the people who helped us in the weeks leading up to, during and after the FAF. Thanks to all those who contributed with a workshop, talk, care or otherwise, those who cooked and performed. This would not have been possible without all your energy & enthusiasm! On the 5th & 6th of June we were back at the Lutkemeerpolder setting a clear sign that the fertile soils there are not for sale (also not for ah to use!). We had farm tours, workshops about methods, and stories of resistance against multinationals, gas, fertilizers, and much more. We also planted more than 300 pumpkins on the polder! On the following weekend, we didn’t only celebrate one but two FAF’s!


First, we had a full day in Utrecht with workshops ranging from degrowth to natural fertilizers, discussing and dreaming amidst flowers and bees how we can grow and distribute food in a more just way. This was followed by a day in Wageningen where we discovered various farming projects as well as workshops from land occupation to food forests and education. The FAF #5 ended with a colorful action in which we planted the revolution on Wageningen campus to protest against the influence of agribusiness on education and research. And of course, there were many interesting online sessions that connected us to other struggles from agroecology movements in Brazil to farming initiatives aiming to achieve food autonomy. We are now full of energy and impatient to apply what we have learned, to resit and keep sharing and experimenting together for better ways of producing and organizing food systems!

Reviews from the cities, workshops and more

Amsterdam – Replanting the Lutkemeer polder –
Utrecht – Days full of highlights –
Wageningen – Blossoms around the city –

Read backs from some of workshops

If you want to share your own impressions from the workshops, feel free to send them to us at info[at]aseed.net – we will add them to this page!


Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us make this event possible! A huge thank you to ALERT youth fund for supporting us financially! You can support their important work here.

Thank you also to LUSH for their financial support!