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Free the Soil camp planned for September 19-25!

You read right, this weekend at the International plenary in Bremen we collectively decided on the dates for the Free the Soil camp and action: September 19-25! There were around 40 folks from different collectives around Northern Europe. At the meeting and we came up with a tentative schedule, did work on programming, agreed on a cool FireFund crowdfunding campaign, shared some of our awesome new stickers and of course got to know each other even better.

We stayed in a community center in Bremen, and the Bremen group arranged an amazing kitchen crew which made us incredible food all weekend, loads of cool sleeping places around the city, as well as a little get-together on Saturday night at a bunker with ping-pong and sweet 80’s tunes to enjoy the whole evening!

Friday evening the plenary started with some refreshers about how to take consensus decisions, a workshop about gender and power dynamics and time for working groups to get some concrete work arranged in person. The plenaries are a great way to meet face to face with folks that you spend a few months organizing things with, while not being in the same geographical location. To this end it’s also a nice time to engage in more community oriented conversations about consensus, transparency about planning practices and checking our privileges and being aware of how we interact with each other. Our aim with Free the Soil is to try to organize in a way which reflects the world we are hoping to live in. We kept with this theme all weekend spending a bit of each day taking time to foster trust and vulnerability within the group.

Saturday we had a full schedule of working group time and collective decision making, fostered by bringing concrete proposals to the larger group and taking time to hear concerns and adjust proposals accordingly. That’s how we chose the dates, and also made some decisions about the crowdfunding campaign, which will be run on a more grassroots platform called FireFund. The program group is working on a program that will look a little something like this:

19/9 (Thursday) - arrival + half day of program

20-21/9 (Friday + Saturday) - Camp program

22/9 (Sunday) - Action prep day

23/9 (Monday) - Day of action(s)

24/9(Tuesday) - Possible continued action

25/9 (Wednesday) - Out of action, debrief and goodbye

Sunday we continued with working group time and making some decisions about how to move forward with projects like creating the program, how to contact the unions in the area and what kind of narrative the whole group supports. We also planned to have two more international plenaries before the camp itself, both close to Brunsbuttel, in order to get more familiar with the area and allow working groups to go to work locally.

The next international Free the Soil plenary will take place June 14-16 and the following will be August 16-18. If you want to get involved in planning the camp and action these next 2 plenaries is a great place to start. We need as many dedicated and passionate folks as possible and would love for you to join us!!! To get involved contact info@aseed.net, or join one of our next Open Campaign meetings to chat about it in person.

Until then, just remember; Resistance is Fertile!