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French ‘Voluntary Reapers’ remove 70 GM vines

In the declaration of the Faucheurs is written that the administrative Court in Strassbourg declared the field trial illegal several days before. The trial had been going on for 5 years already.

Faucheur Volontaires is a very active French citizen and farmer group that for years has been involved in the struggle for a GMO-free agriculture. The reapers are doing their actions without violence, recognizable, without covering their faces, and they take full responsibility. After the action they were arrested and are currently detained at the police station.

With this action they protest against the cultivation of GMO crops, of which approximately 70% of Europe's population is opposed. The European Commission nevertheless continues to allow the cultivation and field trials of GM crops.

The arguments that the Faucheur Volontaires build their action are very strong. Two Dutch articles by Janneke Tops EEE explain:

10 commonly used arguments against GM in agriculture:

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