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From the WTO in Geneva to the COP in Copenhagen

See: www.anti-omc2009.org/?lang=en

Both in Geneva and in Copenhagen agriculture will be an important and controversial issue. To get attention for this there will be agriculture workshops on the 29th and an action day on the 30th of November in Geneva. More info on www.anti-wto.ch
A useful brochure about trade and agriculture issues was published in German and French: http://www.anti-wto.ch/Seiten/Antidot_Internet.pdf


On December 1st the Caravan for 'Social & Climate Justice' will be leaving Geneva and head for Copenhagen. During the stops in many cities there will be a program with workshops, debates and actions. Many activists and representatives from the Global South are taking part in this project. See: www.climatecaravan.org

According to the website www.autonome.ch the actions and blockades in Geneva will continue until the 2nd of December.