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Germany: 5 gmo fields sabotaged in 3 weeks time

Amflora potatoes (GMO) cleaned up

Dambeck (Müritzkreis), 22th June 2008

Despite the high surveillance of the field, people managed to mix up seeds of bio-potatoes with the ones of the GMO-potatoes present in the field, which means that the latter will have to be destroyed since their uniqueness cannot be guaranteed

Several weeks before that anti-GMO activists squatted the field but were later evicted.


Liberation of a GMO-field in Westheim

Westheim (Unterfranken), 29th June 2008

Around 60 actvists destroyed the fence around a GMO maizefield and managed to destroy almost all of it before being arrested by the police.


GMO cornfield in Rheinstetten has been destroyed

Rheinstetten, 4th June 2008

In the night of July 4, an activist managed to destroy again parts of the Rheinstetten test field. Despite strict surveillance, over 5000m² of the field were estimated to have been destroyed.

Here is a translation of the communique:

“In the night of July 4, we destroyed around 5000m² of gmo maizefield in Rheinstetten-Forcheim.

We cut away a part of it, the rest is so destroyed that nothing will ever grow there anymore.

The plants can not create cobs anymore. Therefore the experiment is now considered a failure.

The technogical centre for the rural development of Augustenberg (LTZ) wanted to study the so-called ‘co-existence’ of gmo and non-gmo corn in Rheinstetten. Every reasonable person knows that such co-existence is impossible. A large cultivation of gmo plants conducts to a melt, sooner or later. The pollen does not allow to be controlled by anyone. Seedproducers such as Monsanto make farmers all over the world dependent on their products.

By this, they endanger the world’s nourishment as much as its variety. The LTZ and its ally in power, the minister for agriculture Hauk, serve  the genetic engineering industry by conducting those field trials. They do not respect the will of the population, which mostly opppose those experiments in the agricultural sphere. Fences, watchtowers and sentinels neither stopped us, nor will ever do, in defending us by all means necessary against Monsanto and its collaborators.

Kommando Biene Maja”


NRW free from GMOs!

Werne, 10th July 2008


“Do it yourself!
The attempt in Werne, NRW, could be brought to a successful end thanks to a courageous way of acting. A few days ago, fields full of herbicide-resistent corn have been liberated. Small test fields are a thankfull gift of the agricutural genetic engineering industry, where one can intervene in a decisive and influential way with an handful of people. Just do it and do not let yourselves get caught
Enough written – act!”


Another gmo-field liberated

Kitzingen, 11th July 2008


“Bruno destroys the gmo-field. Experts confirm it after it happened. Bruno the avenger is back. Together with the ominous commando Bimberle, he left behind himself a trace of destruction at a gmo-field at Kitzingen. Even though Genhofer asked for the shooting of the problematic bears, there wasn’t at all a danger for the population. And since there are still too many gmo-fields, Bruno said ‘Destroy them all!'”

Source: http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20080813090939740