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GM Free Agriculture Days, Wageningen

Poster_GMfreeDays_engAction, speakers, workshops, discussion, kids activities, farmers market, info stalls. Against GMOs and industrial farming, for GM free agriculture and  a fair and ecological food chain. Come along to our GM free agriculture days in Wageningen in June to show resistance to GMOs in Europe.

7th of June: Panel Debate “Do we really need GMOs?”

8th of June: Action, speakers, workshops, discussion, kids activities and a field trip. Against GMOs and industrial farming, for GM free agriculture and  a fair and ecological food chain.

7th of June – 8pm: Debate “GMOs: do we need them?”

Proponents of industrial agriculture plea for intensification and the use of genetically engineered crops to feed the growing population. Critics have more faith in small-scale, ecological cultivation, by and for the local population and adepted to local conditions. They believe too many problems are associated with GMOs and that intensive agriculture is too polluting and dependent on a few resources and big corporations. In this debate the two sides cross swords. Speakers: Markus Arbenz (CEO IFOAM), Michael Kester (CEO Syngenta Netherlands), and Michael Antoniou (molecular geneticist, King’s College, London), Barbara van Dyck (Slow Science and Field Liberation Movement activist Belgium) and a representative of Wageningen University (t.b.c.).

Language: English, translation into Dutch if needed

Venue: C-222, Forum building, WUR campus, Wageningen

Organisation: Independent Critical Student Group Wageningen (ICSGW) i.c.w. ASEED
Facebook event of the debate “GMOs: do we need them?”: https://www.facebook.com/events/193742094111393/?ref=2

8th of June – 12am – 10pm: GM Free Agriculture Day

On Saturday, June 8, we organise the GM free Agriculture Day to show that sustainable agriculture and food production without genetic engineering is growing and has potential in the future. There will be workshops, speakers, discussion, kids activities and action.

The choice for Wageningen as our location is not arbitrary: we want to challenge Wageningen University on their biased communications that favour industrial agriculture, on their ties with the chemical and biotech industry, and specifically on their projects with GM apple-trees and potatoes (the DuRPh-project). Part of the programme is a protest visit to the trial fields with the GM crops. Other important themes are seed & food sovereignty, GM free zones, agro-ecology, the struggle against the introduction of GMOs in Europe.

We invite students, farmers, good-foodies, (hobby) gardeners, activists and everybody else interested to come and participate. To make it a truly enjoyable day there will be nice music and good food.

Want to help out, please contact info@aseed.net.

With enough interest we will organise a bus from Amsterdam & Utrecht to Wageningen. Contact us to reserve a seat.

Location: Duivendaal, Costerweg 50, Wageningen

Organisation: ICSGW and ASEED, and others
Facebook event of the GM Free Agriculture Day: https://www.facebook.com/events/131843643677342/?ref=2