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Ground Control – an agriculture & climate action camp

Ground COntrol agriculture and climate action camp AmsterdamAmsterdam area – 1-8 July 2015

This summer we will break new ground for action! During a weeklong camp near Amsterdam we will get together to stimulate a different agricultural system and counteract climate change.

Since the environmental question entered the political debate, countless quick fixes have been developed to deal with some of the symptoms of climate change, leaving its root causes untouched. In December the “world leaders” will meet in Paris for COP21; yet another international climate summit after the previous failures. Meanwhile, the city of Amsterdam is planning to expand the activity in its port, which is the second largest throughput of coal in Europe and hosts some of the world’s most polluting companies.

The stakes are too high for us to remain silent observers in this game: we refuse to let corporate interests gain new ground. This time, we will play by our rules.

Join Ground Control for an inspiring week of fun and action. We aim for…

  • Convergence of people and networks
    Together, we want to engage in open discussions and constructive activities. Ground control welcomes bookworms and practical people – from the most experienced to the newcomers in the field. It offers space to make meaningful connections, and prepare for (future) struggles.
  • Effective change: let’s practice together
    Let’s shape our camp the way we want to shape our world.
    Expect a flexible and varied programme of presentations, workshops, trainings and actions, in which everyone’s participation is encouraged!
  • Resistance and action!
    Bring your creativity, ideas, friends, and motivation. We need to join forces to stop the large polluters. It is time to take a stand and become part of an alternative system based on justness and solidarity.

ASEED has been involved in Agriculture Action Camp in the Netherlands in 2011 (Dronten) and 2012 (Den Bosch). Also this time we support the camp.

For more info, check out www.groundcontrolcamp.net, like the Ground Control page and join  the event page.