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Improving our skills with ULEX

Throughout the last months, a number of ASEED-members have been joining trainings offered by ULEX, an organization that provides trainings for social movements all over the Europe. They offer trainings from a holistic perspective to educators, change makers and organizations. This project has been made possible by the Erasmus+ funding.

The trainings were a great opportunity for the members of our adult education team and our wider network to get to know other educators from all over Europe and to improve their skills in a specific field. At the trainings, our members could meet people active in different fields of education such as Disability Justice, Psychology, Art, Climate Justice, Migrant Justice, could exchange experiences, strategies and knowledges.

It was very inspiring to meet so many people with different backgrounds and at different stages of their civil involvement journey. All trainings took place in Catalunya, where we spent seven days in the beautiful Pyrenees. The days were full of workshops, trainings, discussions and games to approach the topics from different angles. It was a very intense and emotional experience but definitely also very inspiring and decisive in our organisation’s journey.

We participated in four different trainings:

  1. Active Solidarity & Empowerment  (24 Sept – 1 Oct)
  2. Transformative collaboration (8 – 16 Oct)
  3. Strengthening the Ecology of Social Movements (22 – 30 Oct)
  4. Regenerative Activism: Sustainable Organizing (19-28 Nov)

We have already had some internal skillshares and discussions to implement and share the knowledge we gained during the trainings and we are planning to have semi-public events to spread the information as far as possible within our networks.

If you want to learn more about the ULEX trainings, you can reach out to us via info@aseed.net