A Year of Resilience

and Resistance

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Dear supporters, followers, and comrades,

As 2020 comes to a close we at ASEED have been reflecting on the year we’ve shared and what this means for us as individuals, as a collective, for our campaign, and for the world at large. It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has had an enormous effect on what ASEED had planned to do this year. This crisis has laid bare that the man-made systems that govern our world are not equipped to deal with the ever-increasing fall-out of the climate crisis. It has also become increasingly clear that the state- and corporate-controlled industrial food system lies at the heart of this, and many other crises we faced globally this year.

We had the chance this year to test our resilience as a team, as well as dedicate ourselves to taking care of each other, vulnerable people in our communities and abroad, and dig deep into learning about the roots of the crises we face. This meant a tangible commitment to making intersectionality a key component of how we approach the Fossil Free Agriculture campaign, as well as the other work we do and other campaigns we put our time and energy into supporting.

While 2020 meant changing plans and compromising it also meant being flexible and discovering that although the pandemic was the focus of this year it is not the only crisis we face. Now more than ever we are committed to our lofty goal of dismantling industrial agriculture in order to build a world that is more equitable.

Click here if you'd like to read the full article and see more about what ASEED accomplished this year and a short financial update. We hope that if you are excited by these actions you will help us in looking forward and planning the coming year by helping to fund us structurally. This year we've got thank you gifts for all our funders!
A woman holding a shovel and a sunflower stalk calling for good food and good farming

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Fighting Every Crisis Like a Crisis

This years' global health crisis and the ongoing climate crisis are certainly very different. They operate on different time-scales. One of them is primarily a concern of public health and the other goes so much further than just that. But the solutions to both of them might not differ all that much - both require unprecedented collaboration.

This crisis has shown us again how interconnected the planet is, and how already disenfranchised groups suffer more in times of disarray. The Corona crisis and the upcoming period of economic recession may very well be a dress rehearsal for other socio-political and environmental crises. The shift in how we organize society, how we grow food, how we work, how we live, might have to be a lot bigger than the disruption we have experienced this year. After all - how will a city without fossil fuels look like? What about our farms?

Globally and locally, we are very differently affected, but solutions to both corona and the global climate and biological crisis are international solidarity. We must stand with those most affected and let them lead the way to a more equal, just world. We must pay attention to the small and grand ways in which new policies entrench neoliberalism and authoritarianism into our society.

A crisis is a very special time, but it can also be a force of innovation, of figuring out new ways to improve and to change society for the better. We hope to do exactly this in the coming year and we hope you'll be with us on this path!
We Must Stand Together drawn in chalk in a circle around SOS Moria posters

Our Resistance is Fertile:
How Did We Stay Active in 2020?

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our year was filled with wonderful small and large highlights.
Even though we couldn't organize the wonderful Food Autonomy Festival out in nature, we still came together online to learn about community-supported agriculture in Amsterdam, agricultural policies on the European and global level, and much more.

We grew our own food in the Mahatma Gandhi Community garden and came together to stand up for the preservation of the Lutkemeerpolder, a struggle that will no doubt continue in the new year. We organized workshops about a large variety of topics from ecofeminism to decolonizing permaculture. Reading groups and homemade podcasts as well as community dinners supported our learning this year in theoretical and practical ways.

Finally, through the beautiful solidarity project, we formed connections between local farmers, undocumented migrants, the local environmental movement, and the land around us.
This has been a difficult year for us, too - we have had to adjust to a new way of working and supporting each other - but looking back on it, we can be proud to have filled this year with loads of learning, sharing, and wonderful events.

Upcoming Events

A misty morning looking across a planted field, with 'reading group: cozy edition" written on it

Reading Group Cozy Edition – How do we connect to land?

How do we connect to land?
In our final reading group of the year, we will create a cozy exchange about this specific question. We'll be looking through the lens of indigenous perspectives through a chapter from the wonderful book Braiding Sweetgrass and poetry from different corners of the world.
If you'd like to know more, please click here.
To join, please send an e-mail to alina@aseed.net

A man holds a shovel and a sunflower stalk and calls for good food and good farming

Supporting community farming in Amsterdam

Do you want to support the growing network of Amsterdam's community garden?
Join this webinar which outlines past successes and challenges of different community gardens in Amsterdam and will pave the way for further collaboration and support in the urban gardening networks.

To join, please send an e-mail to kasie@aseed.net


This year we want to give something back to you as a thank you for supporting us through this difficult time. Depending on your contribution you can receive stickers, brochures, t-shirts, and other nice treats! For more info and pictures check out this page!
ASEED is a small grassroots collective run mostly by volunteers. We are grateful to have the ability to put time and energy into researching topics around agriculture, climate and social justice!
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